JR Stamp Eevee and Mewtwo Question

Hey does anyone know if there’s anyway to tell the JR stamp Eevee or Mewtwo apart from the english promo? Any difference in card stock? Or is basically the JR one only worth something if you have its original booklet it came in?


are the stock and color really noticeably better?

I didn’t know the Eevee was a non holo. Is there any difference in the Mewtwo besides slight improvement in color? Interesting. Thanks for the help

I have both of the wotc’s on hand and yes youre right, the eevee has a much richer color as does the mewtwo

Ok cool well I’ll have to look for the color difference if I get the chance to get one in person. I really appreciate your insight and I think the camera photo worked great! :blush:

Sorry your back is bothering you :slightly_frowning_face:

Oh, that eevee is so sweet ! I don’t have the non holo version. >.<