JR Rally Eevee and Mewtwo

Hey guys!

I was wondering what the 200 JR Rally Eevee and Mewtwo cards (sealed) are worth? I paid about $40 for both of them together about 2 years ago. If I were to sell them, would I be able to make a profit? Some very interesting items recently appeared before me and I’m highly considering selling these folders to get some extra cash. :blush:

Thanks for any input!!

$30-$40 each seems to be a good price for the sealed ones.

The Mewtwo looks the same, but it is translucent since it is on Japanese stock… like the Shadowless Pikachu from the Japanese CD collection.

What cards are you referring to here?

I did not think the Mewtwo had a US release.

It is Black Star Promo #12

Thanks Rusty. :blush:

I mistakenly thought we were talking about this: bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/File:MewtwoPPromo46.jpg

I did not check this for verification, merely assumed since others are the same. I did check the Jr. Rally Meowth I inquired about a few days ago, and it is definitely translucent. If I recall the gloss is different as well, but that is more subjective.

Be sure to see my recent comment in that Meowth thread regarding so-called “sealed” versions of that card. :blush: