JR Rally Folders and ANA Folders

How much are the JR Rally 2000 Gold Prize Eevee Folder and JR Rally 2000 Silver Prize Mewtwo Folder in Mint condition worth? I’m really looking to buy these…

Also, how much are the ANA Folders worth with the 2 Pikachu’s, Dragonite and the Legendary Birds? I’m looking to buy those too, but probably after the holidays.

@bluey.:* - Please see Post #1717, @dolphinluv2010


Haha, that’s my post! xD Thanks again UU!

@bluey.:* - You’re welcome :wink:

Did you happen to witness this auction on eBay?

I bought my ANA Pikachu and Articuno for $25 USD…?

Yes I did, but I missed it at the last second… My phone is horrible at sending me reminders on auctions. xD

I did manage to get the Jr Rally Folders though! =] $35 for both shipped. I’m excited to see these. I’m a WOTC collector, so when I saw these, I had to have them. =]

I’m working on collecting all of the WOTC promos in Japanese (since I’ve completed my English set finally!). So I’ll keep an eye out on eBay for other ANA folders. Hopefully some will surface after the holidays!

@pokemontrader: That sounds pretty fair. Was that shipped too?

Yes it was shipped :blush: