WTB: '97 Toyota Folder (Pikachu & Arcanine)

UPDATE - I no longer require this item. Thanks, shpunto9!

~~WANTED - 1997 Toyota Auto Campaign Folder (Pikachu & Arcanine). It is imperative that it is sealed/mint. The folder exterior can be excellent to near mint, if applicable.

I have been searching for this item for over two years. It has been a priority item for my collection for quite some time, ever since I began obtaining sealed items. This folder means a lot to me (understatement). I have lost two of its auctions due to bad luck :<

If anyone has any information on its whereabouts, please send a PM here on UPCCC or PokéBeach. Any information is greatly appreciated!


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Hi Unique,

I have the 1997 Toyota Auto Campaign Folder (Pikachu & Arcanine) sealed…it’s mint condition. Not desperate to sell it, however if you want to make a strong offer, I might let it go…Let me know your best offer…


Update/Correction: Three times :sob:

I might still have one, however I just moved and I’m still unpacking. I’ll let you know if I find it.

@shpunto9 - Thank you :heart:

Update/Correction: Four times :sob:


Hey, I found my extra Toyota Campaign folder, I will be listing on ebay starting at $24.99 in the next month if you would like to wait for me to list it or you can make an offer for it (thinking around $60). The cards are in near mint to mint condition and the folder has some wear on it.


Thank you, shpunto9!! You are my legendary hero :heart::heart:

My quest is complete.


To embark on a new quest…