Price check: 1997 JR Rally Campaign Folder

Hey guys, just wondering what’s the price for one of these right now. Thank you. :blush:

Actually, I need one so I’d pay 5.00 or so.
I have several near mint copies of the cards that came inside so an extra folder or two would be nice.

lol, I meant a new folder with the mint cards still inside. :rofl:

I’d put fair value on the folder at $125 to $150. They don’t come up for sale much these days. Back in the day TNC Universe was selling the folders for $350. Also, not many PSA 10’s of the 2 cards(Mt Fuji Pikachu and lighter colored Lilypad Mew) in the folder.

Awesome thanks guys. :blush: Ah TNC Universe, so many good memories.