Japanese toyota pikachu promo card

Hi.I have a chance to buy a japanese toyota pikachu promo card in nm/mint condition[more on the mint side]Can not find much information on the price of this card so I need some help please.How much is a fair price for this card?Any info would be great.Cheers.


Around $50 would be a fair price, much more if it includes the folder.

Cool its for sale at £30[$50] think I will buy it and hopefully get a psa grade 8 or 9.Thanks for the info.

Cool I bought a bulk collection instead this week[mega bargain]but hopefully the card will still be there next week.Will update the post next week to say if I got it,cheers.

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Last one I sold in NM/M went for $95 to someone who resold it for $150. Personally I’d go for $95 range. It’s not an easy sell but if you’re patient you can get that price. If you’re ambitious go for the $150 range.