Sealed Toyota Pikachu/Arcanine Promo

Hi everyone,

Would it be more desirable to collectors if the cards are PSA graded or if they remain sealed in it’s original folder?

I’m leaning more towards having it graded as I’m not sure what will be the long-term effect of keeping them in its original wrapper.

Appreciate hearing your comments or suggestions.


That’s a tough one, the Pikachu is the one that didn’t get a reprint without the expansion/rarity symbol but the Arcanine was reprinted for the CD in the same non-glossy stock making it a lot more common, maybe if PSA labeled the cards as the Toyota version by sending in the entire folder? Not sure if that’s possible.

Thanks for pointing that out. I wonder if anyone in the forum had issue with the PSA label for the Arcanine card before.

I’d say keep it in the folder for sure. The cards look glorious the way they’re packaged. Not to mention they’ve held up all this time, I’m sure they’ll have no problem going another 16 years and beyond in their packaging.

For me, sealed always trumps grading.

Large toploader and maybe a comic bag. Keep it from sunlight and moisture and it will hold up. I have comics 40-50 years old that hold up pretty well. PSA grading would defeat the purpose of such a wonderful item in its original presentation. It’s hard to find one in the original folder.

On a side note if anyone knows of one of these for sale please inform me I’ve been looking for a while for a set I’m the original folder :wink:

Mike/Jason, thanks for your comments. They are very helpful. I will forego grading the cards and keep them in the folder for now.

Gengar, thanks for your suggestion. The folder still has its original plastic wrapper so I will look for a toploader.



Looks like it would fit in a 6x9(15.25cmx22.86cm) Toploader. If you can’t find 1 let me know. They are so hard to find in Australia i do have some coming from US early next month so id be happy to send you one for it :blush: also if you do find some in Australia let me know because i need heaps and US shipping is so expensive.


Any idea on how much would be a fair price for this set?

A few members have expressed interest in buying the cards but I don’t have much to work on as it is rarely offered for sale.


Yeh I second that, never seen 1 for sale and would like to know what they worth.

A bit on the high price, the Arcanine is not rare, Pikachu is, IMO should be about $60 for the set.

I think $60 for the sealed set is way too low. I paid $115 for that sealed set at auction and I would do it again. The folder is really hard to come by. Not to mention auction prices tend to reflect actual current value.

id think the same $60 is quite low , its the rarest of the early folders id think. Id pay that 115 aswell

Thanks for the reference cujucuyo. There’s another set listed on eBay at the moment without the folder for US$150 but I think that’s too high.

Jason/Gengar, I think that’s a reasonable price. Thanks for your comments.


Keep it in the packaging! I love this set, I have the same!

Definitely keep it in the packaging.

I personally see no point in having cards PSA-graded unless you are doing it so you can sell them later.

My personal collection of cards I never intend to sell would most likely receive Gem Mint 10s across the board, but it would do me absolutely no good. The cards are beautiful just as they are.

And I definitely would never, ever remove cards from a beautiful display folder (such as the Toyota set) to have them slapped into those butt-ugly PSA holders.

For this same reason, I will never have my Tropical Mega Battle No. 1 Trainer card graded. I mean, there are only 7 of them in the world, and mine is still in its tournament trophy case with the name plaque. How would removing it from the case and having PSA grade it increase it’s worth? In fact, I think it would do just the opposite — I think the card is worth much more in its original trophy case.

Sorry for getting slightly off-topic and onto a PSA rant. ;D

I have won the promos still in their folder on eBay for £30, I am just wondering if anyone knows more about them and if the price seems reasonable?

Good price. See bulbapedia for more info.

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That was an excellent deal, I paid more than that for mine.