English JR rally cards

Howdy you guys. I have never posted here before but I am a frequent reader and appreciate and am grateful for the volume of knowledge among the community.

I would like to know a reasonable price one can expect to pay for a sealed JR rally meowth. This card is identical to a meowth which I see frequently in apparently comprehensive WOTC promo collections save for the fact that it is not holographic and seems considerably rarer. Indeed I have found virtually no literature concerning this version of the card, for this reason I seek the wisdom of this institution

Also I have similar questions concerning the English language Eevee which can similarly be found sealed. what is the value of this card?

many thanks for the assistance and happy collecting to all. may your collections grow interminably


I am curious about the Meowth as well, but I can give you some information on the Eevee and Mewtwo. I have both of the cards and paid $30 shipped for them together. I think they’re worth around $15 each maybe $20 for Mewtwo.

@loverofgiraffes, Bluey.:* – Meowth [JR Rally 2000] (Sealed) = $10 - $15. It is the most common release of the JR Rally promotional cards, and does not command a significant value. I obtained my Meowth (Sealed) for $6.

Awesome! That’s much better than I though. =] Do you know if there are any other WOTC English promo reprints in Japanese? Well that are printed on Japanese card stock, but English.

@bluey.:* – I do not know of any additional correlating WOTC ― (English) Japanese Promotional Cards. I believe other UPCCC members might, though :blush:

Unique, do you know where I can get a sealed meowth I can never find them, thanks!?

@shpunto9 – I have only observed two locations for a Meowth [JR Rally 2000] (Sealed):

:black_small_square: Richard Tarr
:black_small_square: Steve Mason

You can try to negotiate a price with the aforementioned sellers. It may be best to contact Steve, first. His price is the lowest of the two (£20), and he might be open to bartering.

Wow, thanks, didn’t even know Steve had a website till you posted that link. Thank you so much!

@shpunto9 – You’re welcome :blush: