JR rally Promo Meowth + seal (Comic con Staff&expo squirtle)


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The Meowth promo I have is non-holo, I’ve never seen it before omg!! There is no info at ebay (sold) listings unfortunatly. I searched this forum a bit and I can’t really find any clear price or info about this card so I have a couple questions:) Is it rare or common? What would be a correct price to ask for this card when I want to sell it? I found at the psa website that there are 2 psa9 and 8 psa10 grades of this card, mine seems perfect. Should I sent it to psa?
I added a picture above!

I’m not sure if I can ask for info about some more cards or if I need to create a new thread for that?:stuck_out_tongue:… 2 months ago I found 2 Comic Con Staff promo’s; Riolu and Swellos, and also this Games Expo 2007 Stamp Ditto Squirtle. I didn’t find any info at ebay listings or sold listings, and now I see that last week a shellos comic con staff sold for $70 best offer. Was this a snipe? I looked for it many times when I found them cards and all I could find was a sold out webshop with the info that the cards have an estimated print run of less than 100?:open_mouth: I found a thread about the ditto and riolu beeing sold over a year ago. I would just love to hear some some info about these cards like if they are rare or not, price range and info about the print run.

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The JR rally meowth is super rare, but the picture looks a bit weird. Nice find if real!

If perfect, then yes, PSA is a good bet, but make sure to file the info correctly, so it is labeled properly.

Great card, if it hits a PSA 10 its a $500+ card imo

If I remember correctly, the JR Meowth was given out in 2000 on the West rail line the same year the JR Eevee and JR Mewtwo were given out on the East rail line. There was a recent auction sale on Ebay for a JR Meowth PSA 10. It sold for $375.57. You can find it under sold listings under the title “2000 Pokemon Japanese Promo Pokemon Stamp Rally Meowth PSA 10”. I have the two PSA 9’s,thought they both could make 10’s when I had them graded. IMO they’re still worth $200 to $250 each…



thanks a lot guys! xD

I believe i have one of these still sealed somewhere.

Do you have a photo of the packaging it came in?

Awesome find though & Thanks for sharing!