Non Holo Black Star Meowth JR Stamp?

Anyone know the story behind this card? Couldn’t find anything on bulbapedia

It was a JR Rally card in Japan. Someone who knows more about it could certainly elaborate on that, I don’t want to add any misinformation. @japanime

I think it’s a neat card!

Ya I just noticed the Unnumbered promos only list the english Eevee and Mewtwo promos for the JR Stamp Rally in Japan in 2000. I wonder if this 2000 card is just missing from the unnumbered promos? I’d love to hear any of Glenn’s comments on it for sure.

@timewaster1700 – In April 2013, @japanime provided a brief history of this particular card. As @cbd1235 previously demonstrated in the hyperlink, this promotional card was included with a plethora of bonus goods. Japanime could definitely elaborate on its history further.

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Oh that’s cool! Ya Jason must have stuck that link in there via edit after I read it :blush:
I’d still love to hear the story on it. I wonder if its from the same rally as the eevee and mew two promos or not.
Thanks Unique Username

I’m a compulsive post editor. I get “Post Quick Reply” trigger happy :wink:


@timewaster1700 – I believe it was indeed released simultaneously with Eevee and Mewtwo in the 2000 JR Rally Promotional Campaign. I think Meowth was a participation prize for participants of the event, yet don’t quote me on that.

Haha me too!

Oh interesting. I wonder why its not in bulbapedia. Speaking of which who even keeps Bublapedia going?

@mavericknate works on it.

I believe an entry will soon be made for this card, or at least I remember someone mentioning it.

@timewaster1700 – I believe the 2000 JR Rally Meowth (a.k.a. “Super Secret Meowth”) is not mentioned in Bulbapedia because it is…super secret :wink: (Laughs) Actually, I think it is because the card is a) one variation of multiple artwork reprints; and b) not commonly known within the card collecting community.

The Super Secret Meowth (I came up with that on my own, LOL) is definitely one of my favorite original-era cards.

It wasn’t a giveaway card in the same sense that the Eevee and Mewtwo rally promos. The Meowth was part of a package of goodies that were sold with a prepaid train pass for the rally.

I’d say the Meowth is considerably rarer and more valuable than the EeVee and Mewtwo promos.

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Ah wow @mavericknate must have a lot on his plate keeping that site running.

Sweet thanks for chiming in @uniqueusername and @japanime! Good to know the history on the card. I’d really like to get around to collecting those JR stamp cards eventually. Too many cards I want! Ah! That one listed on that store is tempting but I better wait right now.

There are many people who are “staff” at Bulbapedia, they delegate tasks and everyone is in charge of different aspects of it. Apart from that, members of the public can go in and edit pages, the edits are then reviewed by the staff members.

Gotcha do the staffers just make money off of advertisement on the site or something I wonder?

@japanime – I admire your creativity in generating monikers for these particular circumstances! It is like the poor man’s version of the Super Secret Battle Mewtwo – it provides the edifying experience for us impoverished, destitute individuals :blush:

Nevertheless, I wish to thank you for clarifying the card’s enigmatic history :blush:

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I don’t believe so. I think it’s a not-for-profit thing

I see

Bulbapedia has about 50 staff members of varying ranks (and however many non staff people who want to contribute). It’s completely volunteer based, and we only hold positions because at Bulbapedia, we’re the best at what we do. I’m one of 7 staff members in the highest staff tier-the Editorial Board-and I hold the title “Head of TCG”, in charge of all card game related content, from card articles, to merchandise, news updates, TCG contests, tournament information, TCG related tweets, coins, competitive decks, and so on.

Bulbapedia’s Staff does not receive any of the Advertisement money: that’s completely directed towards keeping the site running with all leftovers going to prizes for any contests/events Bulbagarden does (which staff aren’t allowed to enter, as most of the time, we’re the ones judging the results). There’s literally no incentive for us to actually do anything, we’re just volunteers. My personal incentive is being able to provide content that people read, reference, and enjoy. But that’s just me. The other staff have their own.

As for the cards, yeah. This card has been in the back of my mind. There’s just always two upcoming TCG expansions to worry about at any given time, and @viperfox and I just haven’t had the time to sit down and do it yet. (If I might add, since it’s completely volunteer based, any one of us can create an account and add it in! It doesn’t necessarily have to be me. I’d certainly enjoy the help. And as an added bonus, if you are logged into an account, all the advertisements go away and you don’t have to deal with them. =p )


Thanks so much @mavericknate for sharing how that works, and well for all of your hard work and time putting together that site. That is without a double the best pokemon resource on the net, nothing even comes close. I rely on the information on bulbapedia all the time so I really appreciate all the work you and the other staffers do. So again thank you! I can’t imagine how much work that would be to create that site.

If I were to take part in putting something on bulbapedia would I then just pass it on to you guys where it would be editted before being published to the site. At this point in time I’m not sure I’d have the time to learn how to update the site but I might be in the future. I don’t know much, but maybe I could write on the information from other sources on here. Again at this point in time I don’t foresee the time to do it, but its a possibility in the future.

Thanks! The pleasure is mine :blush:

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