Non Holo Meowth # 10

I ran across a Non-Holo Meowth from the black Star promo set #10. I had no idea this card existed. From what little I can find on it it was a Jr. Rally release? I am looking for the sealed version. I bought 1 sealed copy but the seller was out of stock…

Any help with where to look would be very helpful. I am not familiar with sites that specialize in selling Japanese cards.

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are you referring to this card?

if so: “In Japan, this card was available as an insert with the February 1999 issue of CoroCoro Comic.”

No it is in English:

I bought this last week but it is sold out:

Oh wow, I didn’t even know this existed :stuck_out_tongue: Theres a sealed one for sale at the pokemoncraftstore site

Yes, the non holo english promo meowth is the jr rally promo

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I bought that 9 myself, just trying to get the sealed version for my collection. The few listings I have found for it have not been expensive, but it seems to be one of those hard to find cards.

You probably shouldn’t bother going after a “sealed” version, as it would be impossible to authenticate.

In fact, the packaging shouldn’t even be characterized as “sealed.” The card came inside a vinyl train-pass case (the kind sold in any 100-yen shop) with an opening at the top, so the pass (and, thus, the card itself) could be slipped in and out. In other words, the case was like a penny sleeve.

Unless you got the card and case firsthand from the rally, there’s really no way of knowing for certain that you are getting the original pass case.


Great information. Do you have any knowledge of how rare this card is or if it is more easily found on other sites? I have a friend also looking for one now

Thanks for the info