Kudos Thread

I dont collect eevee but I love the passion eevee collectors have and always enjoy catching up on that topics updates.


Kudos @Coop13 on hitting 100k YouTube subscribers. Very blessed to be a part of a community that you’re involved in as your kindness and generosity is something to be applauded and emulated.

Highly recommend his channel to anyone that enjoys pokemon content and Vendor POV style videos.


Kudos to @brendantheclayboy . I think it’s fairly obvious seeing who puts the most of the work into the E4 Art Contest year after year between the two of us. I know he gives me a lot of credit for having the idea but this man is the reason this event goes up year after year thanks to his dedication and passion for this project. He changes the outline, he does the custom banners, and even fits the final touches on the cards. The man is a network machine as well. I may help out here and there and provide feedback or suggested changes, but let there be no illusion that if it weren’t for this man, I know this event wouldn’t be even HALF the reality it is today. I cannot credit him enough in this single post and I appreciate the absolute loving hell out of him.

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Aww shucks, Devin’s the friggin’ man man. Like I’ll insist on saying, I both could not have done it without him and it’s more than that – it’s our combined perspectives and ideas that make for what it is. The soul of the contest emits azul energy throughout because the man oozes heart, joy, and dragonrage fire! But thanks man :pikahappy:


Thank you so much! The last 2 months have been such an amazing experience


Just to also chime in @Coop13 , your YT shorts are just wholesome. Really gives you a deeper look into the people in general who are involved in the hobby and also how kind and generous most of them are, with you leading as an example. Keep doing what you do and I wish you all the more success to come your way.