Update: Himeno responds to efour messages of appreciation

Back in May, Himeno wrote this on Twitter: x.com

I’ve never been a good artist, and I don’t think I’m always a good artist, so I think it’s sometimes used as an indicator of “I can draw better than this person,” but someone who is deeply involved in Pokemon cards told me, “Arita-san has expanded the world of Pokemon vertically and deeply with his amazing expressiveness, while Himeno-san has expanded it horizontally with her manga and reports,” and it made me feel a little better.

In response to her feelings about bit being a good artist, we compiled a bunch of messages for her: Kagemaru Himeno Appreciation Thread - 姫野かげまる感謝スレッド

I think she is very busy so she took her time to reply (I told her it was fine to take her time). But she finally got back to me today.


Hello Scott!
How are you?
I’m so sorry for replying so late. :pray:t3::sweat_drops:

I’m sorry for worrying you the other day with my post about X. :bowing_woman:t2::sweat_drops:
I’m also sorry to all the Pokémon Card Game fans who saw that post for causing concern. :pray:t3::sweat_drops::sweat_drops:

Thank you for translating the comments on the message board into Japanese :heavy_heart_exclamation:
Thank you for sending it to me via DM. :pray:t3::sparkles:

I was really touched by all the heartwarming comments. :sparkling_heart:
I read them with tears in my eyes. (。>_<。) :sweat_drops::sweat_drops::sweat_drops:

I am by no means a technically skilled illustrator, and my early Pokemon card illustrations were particularly poorly done.
However, after reading the comments on the message board, I learned that there are many people who like those illustrations.

I learned that the appeal of illustrations isn’t just in their technical aspects. I was very encouraged to read everyone’s comments. :sparkles:

There are many people in the world who want to become Pokémon card illustrators.
People like this look at my drawings, which are of low skill, and see me as a rival, claiming that they can draw better than them.
Many people have set this goal as their goal and have actually become Pokémon card illustrators.
I don’t feel bad about it. In fact, I’m happy to be someone’s goal. :smiling_face:
Although I’m not very good technically, I think the reason I’ve been able to continue working on Pokemon card illustrations to this day is because my drawings have some appeal.
Of course, it’s also thanks to all of you who are fans of my illustrations.
I realized that by reading your comments. :sparkles:

Thank you Scott for letting me see the messages from Pokémon Card Game fans :pray:t3::blush::heavy_heart_exclamation:
Please convey my gratitude to all the Pokémon Card Game fans who wrote comments on the message board. :pray:t3::sparkling_heart:

It’s the power of Pokémon that makes people say they like my illustrations.
From now on, I’ll try my best to make people like my original illustrations as well. :muscle:t3:('ω’:muscle:t3:):sparkles:

It’s very difficult to convey my thoughts in detail in English. :persevere::sweat_drops:
I hope I was able to convey at least a little of it. :pray:t3::sweat_drops:

Thank you for watching over me with kindness.:pray:t3::sparkling_heart::sparkles:



:goat: x2


She really wanted to underline the fact that she still thinks her early work, technically, is shit; but she’s glad that we like it. Wow. Hardmode.

It’s the power of Pokémon that makes people say they like my illustrations.


I’m glad you took this initiative PFM. It was really kind. I hope she shifts her paradigm and realizes that she is enough


Japanese people are like aggressively modest lol


Damn, I missed the appreciation thread in May. Her early works are really some of my favorites, they bring me so much joy. She inspired me a lot too, and her technique was and is superb.

I speak for me, but I would have 100% appreciated that kind of magnificent skills even if she wasn’t a Pokemon illustrator
It’s really sad that she feels this way, but I’m glad you managed to show her that many fans are genuinely loving her art and respecting her amazing works.




When people say you should never meet your heroes, she’s definitely excluded.

She’s nothing but modest and humble even though she has a large following compared to many.

Meeting her and and asking questions during her Q&A last year, you can tell she genuinely appreciates her fans and really loves Pokémon. Hearing her story about wanting to be an artist and seeing her accomplish that dream while still being modest and critical of her work shows she deserves all of her current and future success.

Makes me happy to see the messages were very well received.

Nicely done @pfm


I’m really glad she got to read these messages. Her artworks are truly beautiful, even if she is too modest to admit it.

Thank you for organising this @pfm


Thanks a lot @pfm for the initiative and getting the message across. The messages seem to mean a lot to her. She was just so extremely modest but I am glad that she could feel the love through the messages. Very wholesome!



Great to see that she’s not as pessimistic anymore. Reading back through that thread, it might just be the most wholesome Pokemon-related thread out there. Cool to see.


This is what I love about E4! I’m so glad we were all able to get together and share our appreciation, and a huge thank you to @pfm for translating and sharing!


Thanks pfm. Glad she got the messages.


That was incredibly moving. Wow.


This is sweet! I loved getting to meet her in Charlotte. We are truly blessed🙏


Very wholesome!

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