What are your favorite efour threads?

Happy Boxing Day, folks! As some of you might know, I’m a relatively new member (long time lurker prior), and reading efour threads and learning more about the franchise and the people in it has become a big part of why I enjoy the hobby so much.

I’ve started bookmarking threads that I’ve found interesting/useful: @quuador’s “List of all TCG cards that exist for a specific Pokémon” thread for my collection, @JoshsOddCollection’s “List of All Known Holo Shift Cards (Misaligned Holos)”, to name a few.

I’ve only just scratched the surface, though, and there’s about a decade’s worth of older threads to scroll and read through… So I thought I’d turn to the active folk and lurkers of efour: what are threads or posts you’ve really enjoyed reading, or found extremely useful?

(geddit … boxing day…)


Great thread idea. One of the most useful threads I look through a lot is the index thread here:


It leads to so many greats threads pertaining to all aspects of the hobby and more.

One thread that comes to mind that I love to look through is the Pokémon hidden in the card art thread here:


There are so many interesting connections between cards that are great to see.


I have my bedtime reading for the next few months… thanks for the share – I had no idea this existed! :blush:

I love card art threads as well – stuff like the hidden flags in those promo cards is really neat

Edit: Is the index thread maintained by someone? The last updates I see are from Jan 2021 (almost a year ago)

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My favorite thread of the year was the one about the 1st Edition Promo Ivy Pikachu. It was like a community wide research project! This was just an exciting discovery!



Nothing specific immediately comes to mind but I’d strongly encourage everyone to go to the last pages of different sections and just spend a couple of hours going through everything. Also worth going through old Pokegym threads. They really make you appreciate how different it must have felt then, and I’m always reminded of where I was in my own life at that time.

A great example of how you don’t have to have experienced something to be nostalgic for it.

*Here’s an interview with two Art Academy winners (like… WHAT???) www.elitefourum.com/t/q-a-with-two-3ds-art-academy-winners/13616/1

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I’d say the most useful thread as this: The Index of Elite Fourum Articles. It’s a list of all articles we have on the forum and almost all of them are worth a read imo. :blush:

But some of my favorite threads in no particular order are:

And I could probably continue quite a while. :wink: So many amazing threads and posts here on the forum.

EDIT: I see @trainerjack already mentioned the Index and Hidden In Card Art threads while I was searching for other links for this post. :slightly_smiling_face:



This is my new, all-time favorite post on this forum


We both have some good taste in threads :grin:


effectspore’s thread that showed his collection of sigs he got from his friends on E4 discord. So wholesome

Also another great thread by effectspore showcasing kirisAki’s portfolio of Pokemon cards


There are so many over the years. @butchdawg32, The 1st Ed jungle one was phenomenal. The worlds threads are always great. Especially 2019 with the imakuni signing. The old tournament threads from TMB, Kamex, and Lizardon Mega Battles. E4 really has become the central source for detailed collecting information. Whenever I goole something, it takes me to an E4 post. :blush:

Oh and the Snap Contest was also a blast. Secret Sant threads as well. Those and the Snap contest felt magical!


Meme thread hands down


Anything loaded with pictures of Wotc-EX collections, sealed items and ink variations, especially 1st ed base and Shadowless (your instagram does not go unappreciated Tem4Elf :heart_eyes:). I don’t think I’ll ever get enough of this stuff. Oh, and uncut sheets of course.

Other than that, I’d be lying if I didn’t mention the spicy ones. Preferably those without the early warnings of impending psycho boost or anchor drop as those tend to be a bit tamer.

My favorite threads on the forum are the collection threads of friends and favorite members; to me, that’s what it’s all about–that, and the amazing information threads and art threads! I won’t tag the favorite collection threads, but their authors know who they are (I frequently constantly comment on them :grin:)
But in addition to a few already named, I have to mention these incredible threads, and how valuable, informative, and testimony to the greatness and giving community of E4. I love old JP Pokemon history and ephemera, so the latter threads are a wonder:
Artist Collectors of e4 - General Thread by @muk
Guide to Early Pokemon TCG History inc. No Rarity Product by @shizzlemetimbers
And a double honorable for @prochaos, for these awesome threads
Japanese Document Archives, Trainer Mags, Silver Bible PDF’s
Japanese Ivy Pikachu Reprinted CoroCoro Variant


It’s already been mentioned, but because of the usefulness for so many collectors, and the years of hard work that individuals have put into it, this is getting singled out by me:

Artist Collectors of e4 - General Thread

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I enjoy watching buy threads because it is fun to see buyers update when they complete a purchase for their collection. I know how good of a feeling it is to get a card I am chasing, so it is nice to think of someone else experiencing that same feeling!

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I found it, my favorite E4 post of all time!


I really like the recent purchase thread, its a nice oasis from the stonk threads
Recent Purchases


Love the unique stuff that pops up every once in a while in that thread:

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It was the swirl threads until I read betapoketrader’s WTB thread. Dude went all Gordon Ramsay and was like just buy it fookin raw m8

+1. It was insanely thrilling to witness this mystery unfold before our eyes in real-time.

Many of my favorites have already been mentioned. There are a bunch of collection threads I follow religiously. Some are just entertaining to read, some are awe-inspiring, some of the older ones are like time capsules. Instead of linkning every single one, I’ll refer you to the The Index of Elite Fourum Collections by @brendantheclayboy. The sheer amount of work that went into that behemoth of a thread must be insane.
Another great one (coincidentally also by Brendan) was the e4 Art Contest.

Special shoutouts to @qwachansey, @prochaos, @pichufan and of course @quuador. So many of their threads are really valuable and insightful.
Lastly, @randox 's Sales Data for 2003-2007 EX PSA 9/10 Cards. Always a nice, spirited discussion in there, even though I don’t really collect these cards myself.