Kudos Thread

I thought it would be nice to have a place where people can acknowledge an achivement, congratulate someone on meeting a collection goal, or something as basic as a thank you for being kind or sharing some cool info.

I’ll start out by thanking @mrbubbles. I so enjoy reading your posts on japanese promos. They are always so thoughtful and informative!


Big thanks to @quuador for all those card lists. That takes a ton of time to put together, so thank you.


Huge thanks to @silversnorlax204 .Took time to answer a lot of questions about fire protection. Had a cost effective solution that is excellent for small collections. Thank you for your help and your patience!


I want to shoutout @koala for consistently updating all of the upcoming set threads with the new images of cards as they get released. Every time I see an update from you in one of those threads I get excited because I know new card art has been released. Thank you!


@Will really appreciate the kind words my friend. Thank you very much.

I would like to extend a huge thanks to @pfm. This website has been a highlight of my collection journey for the past year. I know a lot of work goes on behind the scenes to troubleshoot and keep the place running smooth and efficient. A lot of this goes unsung. So thanks a lot!



Want to say thank you to @everyone for being so helpful here. The love for Pokémon is apparent here and everyone is really supportive both in goals and questions


Many kudos to @brendantheclayboy and everyone who is involved in E4 art competition! You guys make E4 such a great place!


For @azulryu, without whom it would never have begun in the first place – he is equally if not more to thank, so kudos to mon amigo Devin


For @Will . Thanks for this thread! This is just a great idea that really mirrors the stuff that makes this such a great forum!




Huge shoutout and thanks to @Dyl . Possibly one of the most active members on the current forum and his inputs, insights and knowledge really helps enrich the experience of other members. Whether it be posting deals and capturing market data, logging very niche stuff like autograph and swirls, to just helping new members with their questions, the contribution is really note-worthy. Thanks!



@mrbubbles Thank you so much for the kind words, they mean a lot! I am grateful to be a small part of this incredible community.

I would like to send major kudos to @JoshsOddCollection. Josh’s article contributions to e4 have been nothing short of staggering (see his numerous guides and lists). From cameos to holoshifts, card errors/variants to non-TCG products, Josh has covered them all. I am constantly impressed by his ever-expanding knowledge and unwavering motivation to classify and document errors/variants, and am thankful that he takes time out of his busy day to share these findings with us.


@mrbubbles I agree with your comments on Dyl. Just want to add @Dyl also has great grammar.


Nobody said @stagecoach ?
No problem, I’ll do it, alongside @livindavido (and @quuador of course) for the inserts squad.

@joponnes and @rainbow (with of course @quuador ) for the non-tcg squad.

Everyone that contributed to my threads needs special thanks, recognition and if only I had enough money even a medal. But the fellow I’ve listed also enriched my own culture as well in a way or another.


Also bonus point for 'coach cause he’s the funniest member of the forum.
You can hate me if you want for saying that


Kudos to @Viral for showing this piggy bank in a thread; I never knew about it and now I own one :saluting_face:


+1 to @stagecoach as well. He is the resident storyteller, really a master with words.

His childhood exploits especially the sneaking into neighbours house and the league play charizard story are just gold.



I feel honoured to be mentioned in this kind of thread! My first thoughts were also @quuador and @JoshsOddCollection for the educational work they have done but if i mentioned here all the people that have made me smiled, taught me something, inspired a new collection goal or just made my day better somehow i would be tagging people for whole week. All the people mentioned here already deserve it and so many more would fit here for so many reasons.


That is hella cool! I need one of those asap!

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Oh nice! I’ve never seen anyone with this apart from the ones I own! (or maybe everyone also has them hidden in boxes…). Would be curious to know how much it went for if you don’t mind sharing (DM is fine). Hope you find some good use in it :slight_smile:

I simply had an idea. You are the main man who turned it into a reality. There’s a reason why I made Slowbro the center poke in the logo.