Impacted CGC orders from Polaris Grading

Hello all. Late to the party, but I also have an outstanding order with Polaris. 50+ of my favorite and best cards. The idea that I may never see them again is absolutely heartbreaking.

I replied to him with questions after he sent the impacted email, so maybe this information might be useful/new to those here. Here’s what he said;

  • Apparently, all of the cards were handled by the Polaris team and went directly from them to CGC. The only affiliation Ludkins UK had with these orders was the usage of their account.
  • They’re all at CGC. He mentioned the tracker and how they’re marked as “grading.” It’s possible these cards are still raw, though I kind of doubt that.

I asked him why he used Ludkins UK after the scandals they’d been in, but he conveniently dodged the question. My hunch is that it was cheaper for him in some capacity. His unprofessionalism and lack of communication/dodginess is incredibly disheartening and makes me feel like he knew darn well there was risk with using the Ludkins account.

What I don’t understand is why the Ludkins guy didn’t cooperate with him when he offered to pay whatever was remaining on the grading fees. He even bartered with his collection (assuming his words are true.) People are definitely lying in this situation which makes this crap that much more annoying. Hopefully CGC has the customers best interest in mind. I want to stay optimistic that we’ll see our cards again, but there is so much unnecessary mess that it makes me worry.


It may be stressful but the most likely outcome is you will eventually get your cards back! They have to end up somewhere!


Me watching grading return videos on Youtube


Fr. Just sent Peter an e-mail yesterday saying his customer service is pathetic.

I’ve given up on emails for now. Maybe in a month I’ll reach out if no news comes out before then.

You can bet there won´t be any news. I’m on the same boat, sadly we have to assume he is doing all he can and just wait.


We all got duped, agreed?


I have been commenting everywhere, got blocked by Ludkins/Polaris director on twitter too lol. Just fed up man.


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Another 2 weeks without an update on what’s going on with our cards

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It’s funny that we can´t even expect to receive a compensation for this fiasco because they still owe money to the grading companies. We need to praise them for resolving the situation and that’s it and be grateful with the universe that we have our subs back. If they are solving it, ofc.


We don’t know what’s going on. CGC is completely fine with making no statement to customers. Polaris just said resolution is likely, but not guaranteed. Like you said, we just have to wait and be fine with everything. Completely powerless and ignorant to when and how our property will get back to us. Fun times for all involved!

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Everyday I think about this and everyday it pisses me off more. It’s beyond comprehension how they’re okay staying quiet. Joke companies all of em


The silence from both sides is depressing. I hate the waiting game without knowing what’s going to happen.


I would even offer to pay my fee again so CGC can process my card, it’s beyond pathetic at this point. Also the problem with Ludkins was that people paid upfront and they never paid PSA, but I guess Polaris did pay CGC so I can’t understand how our orders got fked up. Last I remember was they were marked as "grading* on their status, so I can’t see how this is still stucked.


I’m right there with you. I’d pay again just to be done with this situation and get my cards back.

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They should be providing a weekly update no excuses just the real grit truth. People would respect that. Bite the bullet stop whats been going on and put the right way in place. Just do it.



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Another week where i get angrier about this situation smh