CGC opens a forwarding office in Munich, Germany

Just saw the news on Instagram. I’m going to ship my package soon. Anyone else excited and what are your thoughts about the future of European grading ?
CGC will take a huge market there and I wonder if PSA or Beckett will follow up ?


Wow, this is huge! Major congratulations to CGC. Hopefully PSA and Beckett will follow.


This is huge news for me. I live very close to Munich, I guess I’ll go there in person when I’ve got time in the near future


Wow thats really huge for all german collectors! Are they grading in House in Munich or are they submitting the cards to America anyway?

ok they are submitting those cards to America :slight_smile:

This is great news! Hopefully EU eBay reflects this in the future.

This is great! It’s nice to give people easier access to grading in Germany and the rest of the EU

Seems like a no brainer. They are effectively being their own middleman and making it so much easier to submit cards to get graded.

I was contemplating on sending some cards to PSA or CGC.
This made my decision a lot easier.

I don’t think you can submit cards in person just FYI

You can drop them of in Munich, it is one of the options.

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Oh nice. I used to live down the street from PSA and they wouldn’t let me drop the package off, I had to mail it :skull_and_crossbones:

If they would they would probably upcharge you for it too

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Just submitted my 9.5s + a dozen cards to CGC Germany. Can anyone share their experience already?

Submitted some cards in May this year through them.
Everything went smooth and communication with them is ok, they sometimes take quite long to respond. Got my second submission out a few weeks back, everything is entered in the CGC system and I can track my order there so it seems to work really well.
No imports or very expensive return shipping so you should be good.
Curious to see what the turnaround times for reslabbing is, would not be surprised if they get overwelmed…
Edit: With them I mean NGC, the company in Munich sending the cards to CGC in the USA.


For me the experience can not be any better. Up to Date tracking, no need to ship packages directly to America, courier shipping on it`s way back to me…there is simply nothing negative I can say about it :slight_smile:


You probably also got a goody bag with some CGC freebies as being one of the first 50 EU submissions ;)?

Great news, even for those Europeans who are primarily collecting/grading using PSA. PSA is now way more likely to follow CGC in establishing market presence in Europe or risk losing their market niche entirely.


They already have, you can send cards to DACardWorld in the Netherlands!

There is an important difference though. Dacardworld is only a
Submisson Center. They take your cards and then ship them
To California where they will be graded. That’s suboptimal, as you still have to deal with long waiting periods and the risks that come with international shipping. With CGC, OP says in the title that they will grade in Germany, which is much faster and safer for Europeans. So unless there is a misunderstanding and CGC also has only a submission center in Germany, PSA is behind the competition.

I’m quite sure CGC doesn’t grade in Europe but just send them to the US.