Ludkins “live document” show n tell

Hey guys, ive been making monthly submissions for 3 going on 4 months with ludkins, service has been great and i enjoy the confidence that comes with using ludkins, but i want to see everyones live documents and hear what you all think!
I dont really have much to say about mine other than the first one went out june and again one a couple weeks later and then again a couple weeks later and then just shipped another one to ludkins. Theyve all been paid except this last one which i dont expect ludkins to receive til monday or tuesday. The first one i sent out passed the registration step about one month after being delivered so i think its ahead of schedule compared to what ive heard, it can be more like 6 weeks for people


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I was beginning to think i had typed in Norwegian lol

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Just a heads up: A lot of people feel a little sensitive about their order codes and submissions and such. So you might not get the response you’re hoping for.

But I’m glad you’re excited and having a good time! Haha


Yeah, I’m not sold on how often Ludkins keeps up with these trackers. I’ve had cards shipped back to me when the tracker was still on the grading step. Seems like it would be a ton of work on their end to keep up with everyones orders.

PSA often jumps from a stage grading or later to shipped, at which point the order gets moved from our outstanding sheet to returns processing. This is when we email and ask for valid return address.

My understanding was that a direct email was sufficient for carrying on the communication from that point. But if it bothers people that the docs don’t update all the way through, let me know. Thats good feedback and something we could totally change if allocating resources there made some difference.


Is the information in a live document something i should be keeping private in your opinion

Can’t hurt to cover your submission number. We have had people attempt to imitate others to get information about their subs. We have also had competitors attempt to imitate us and get information from PSA, which is why we assign different submission info and mask all personal details.


Man, i wish i was submitting cards worth imitating/frauding over. Maybe one day!!

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Perhaps if you just include that in the notes on the live document it would be helpful. May help out the new customers.

I just submitted not that long ago with Charlie, it has been great so far, look forward on the new CGC labels! No updates as of yet but I don’t mind sharing when I get more progress!


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Order going pretty fast


I thought so too, but mine’s been at research and ID since mid August :’-(


Welcome to the extra slow torterra step @swarm haha

Edit: Same @teraz,


Whats with the “registered, order prep, research &ID” having different dates? I’ve never seen that before when I submit to PSA. I just always assumed they happen simultaneously.

Gonna be a while boys :confused:


Feels bad man…

Supposed to be a 45 day sub lmao. Oh well