PSA or Ludkins

Based on all of your opinions, should I PSA or Ludkins for a quicker turnaround right now? I have another submission, yet my last PSA submission was (3) months. Not a big deal as I know they’re busy, but want to explore options.

Thank you!

Ludkins >


For actual speed, you just need to pay more. If you’re paying under $30 a card, you’re probably not getting your cards back any time soon

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In terms of turnaround times I think they’re pretty much the same, maybe Ludkins is a tiny bit slower (like a week or two) if you factor in the extra shipping time and their processing times. But then again a bulk sub can take two months or six regardless of who you submit through so a comparison is often useless.

In my opinion all the extra stuff that Ludkins offers and the fact that you get lower rates without needing a PSA membership makes their service far better than going through PSA direct. I submitted to PSA for years myself, but switched to Ludkins a couple years ago and I’ve been very satisfied.


Thank you! :blush:
Decision made


Ludkins + CGC :wink:


I bought a PSA membership 6 months ago to submit a few cards at the $499 level with the 15 free vouchers I still have the membership, but I shipped my last two submissions through Ludkins for all my cards declared under $199.

The cost is nearly the same as I would pay for bulk through my PSA membership. Also through Ludkins, any upcharges are cheaper, you don’t have to inventory your submissions or enter it into the system, you don’t need card savers, no paperwork, no little labels for your cards that PSA wants you to do, faster turnaround time options with their higher level services, pregrading service, free shipping back after grading, no nonsense. Ludkins is just easy and reliable.


One thing I like about submitting cards to PSA myself is that I control what cards I’m submitting to PSA for my entire order. I’ve never used Ludkins, but from reading their site it seems they split their bulk orders up and submit in amounts of 100 to 200 cards. If you only submitted 50 cards to Ludkins, then I believe they would combine your order with another customers to submit to PSA. This means you could send 50 WOTC Holos that are possibly submitted with 50 to 150 modern cards. I always split up my orders so that I never send in WOTC cards with modern cards because the quality of many modern cards is just better than most older cards so I feel it can possibly sway some grades to lower values. I know it probably doesn’t matter too much, but you never know how a grader will grade because it’s all subjective so I like to think organizing my orders a certain way can give me a slightly stronger chance of a better outcome on grades.

If you can spare the submission fees upfront and don’t have cardsavers, I’d go with ludkins. I’ve submitted over 100 cards so far and they haven’t disappointed me yet, though i think some they pregraded 9-10 are coming back as 5 or 6s…we’ll see >.< Their pregrading is very conservative, you can choose not to grade the cards with lower grades and they are a lot cheaper as a 3rd party grading service compared with others. I remember someone charges 18 dollars a card as a minimum and higher depending on the value, i think it was cardconomist or something which is ridiculous. With PSA though, if you do bulk, don’t expect your cards to return this year…otherwise it’s 20 bucks minimum for economy grade…but they do charge when they ship.

I’m actually scared to try CGC…i think that 10 is very elusive with them…

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@buckna, you actually own thousands of psa cards.? I thought you were new

@richi2rich what do you actually have to lose testing the product/service? $50 at most with their highest service lol. You can always crack and send to PSA and get your cards back a year later.


i had no idea you were supposed to make little labels for personal submissions. I have never done that and never had an issue


I don’t think you have to , but they say it will slow down your turnaround time if you don’t.

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You’re right, right now they do offer the best bang for the buck/time. I’ll pick out a few to submit and see what it gets =)

I can understand, anything new is always hard to get into. I am taking a risk but I know that CGC has a very good reputation and is newer to the TCG scene. I will update with pictures, dates sent and return. The turn around time and prices are worth it in itself. I think the only reason some people send to BGS is for the subgrades (I don’t care for) and a “black label”. That Hidden Fates Zard was the perfect example.

Ludkins or bust. Charlie and his team are PSA 10 1st edition worthy.


Not having to log your cards on larger orders is more than enough reason to submit through Ludkins.

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