E4 Secret Santa 2016

Hello! And welcome to E4’s Third Annual Secret Santa! This is a site-wide favorite that I know a lot of people look forward to. Every year we have surprises, triumphs, and a whole heck of a lot of community bonding. Lets all work together to make this year another success!


In order to participate you must:
-Have at least 50 posts
-Have NOT failed to send in a prior Secret Santa event (We have a list and we are checking it twice)

This year the setup is as such:
-Two Pools: International and US-Only
-US-based participants are free to participate in the international pool.
-The name of the pool identifies where you are willing to SEND to. All are encouraged to do the International pool. That is the most fun, but we understand if financial or practical limits prohibit as much. Still join the US-Only pool and don’t feel bad if that is your situation!
-Registration will be open for two weeks. On November 14th at 10:00PM EST registration will close. Assignments will be given out appx. 2 hours later.
-Participants have three weeks to come up with their gifts. All gifts should be shipped by December 7th at the LATEST.
-Early shipping of gifts is encouraged. Holiday shipping is highly unpredictable. We usually have gifts arriving until late January.
-The value range this year is $20-25. Gifts must be at least this much, but we will not stop those who feel like exceeding that value. Having a minimum value helps everyone feel they are getting out of it what they put into it. It sucks to send a $25 gift and get a base set weedle in return. Be considerate.
-If you are unsure what a good gift looks like, HERE is a link to last year’s photo thread. You can see how well different gifts were received and possibly get ideas of your own.

Some additional rules:
-If anyone is caught scamming through this event, they will be permanently banned immediately.
-No fake cards.
-Alters or atsy cards can be included but should not be factored into the value.
-No cards at below Excellent condition.
-All members must include a drawing of a pokemon with their gift. This is not optional. It’s a blast.

How to participate:

-Post here or PM me that you are participating and which pool you are going to be a part of.
-PM me your shipping address, favorite pokemon, and general collecting interests.
-At the end of registration, I will send out assignment names and info.
-Begin shopping around ASAP.
-Ship to the address provided by December 7th.
-As things arrive, feel free to post them in the E4 Secret Santa 2016 Gift Photos thread located HERE: (Will Insert Link After Assignments Given)



  1. Not Zelda Gilroy
  2. oldskoolpokemon
  3. joetehman
  4. tony
  5. tenaciousm17
  6. areestee


  1. churlocker
  2. ozenigma
  3. gottaketchumall
  4. e2d2
  5. RayquazaTCG
  6. fourthstartcg
  7. milhouse
  8. shizzlemetimbers
  9. nauticads
  10. pokemonsyndicate
  11. guangsta
  12. gemmintpokemon
  13. kubek
  14. thorgene
  15. xzini
  16. pokemanz
  17. Quuador
  18. thetropicalwoodsman
  19. smpratte
  20. poketrade
  21. acebren
  22. viral
  23. dipzy
  24. EnlightenedBulbasaur
  25. PokemonTrader
  26. Charchu
  27. skinst
  28. aj
  29. xgav1337x
  30. Dragontype
  31. jjnoriega
  32. swolepoke
  33. woolsluk
  34. MartinCollects
  35. killerred09
  36. Selodin

NOTE: Don’t see your name but thought you signed up? Message for clarification on what details are missing to properly register you.

Bonus Prizes?!

In an attempt to encourage participant follow-through and make the event a little extra special, we will be wrapping up the event with a special competition. At the end of January, all gifts will be pooled together and put to a public vote. The top three gifts, as determined by you all, will be given prizes! More information on this special feature will come as the time nears! Be thoughtful with your gifts and do all that you can to make this a special time for everyone involved!

Milhouse Edit: I will be giving away some really cool prizes for this Bonus Voting.


I’m in but would prefer USA this one time,

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I’m in, International please!

I’m in this time around. I’ll go for international. Have had a lot of successful international deals on here in the past year.

Love to be apart of this year’s Secret Santa!!!

I would prefer shipping within the U.S.A. - THANKS!

E4 Secret Santa! Yaaaassss!

I loled at the “we have a list and we’re checking it twice”.



International :grin:

“Have at least 50 posts”

Why so high! :face_with_spiral_eyes: :sob:

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Sign me up!!! Count me in for International.

The post rule helps us weed out people loosely committed to the forum. New and/or infrequent posters are the most likely to not follow through with the event. This hurts other members.

The post count only needs to be met before the end of registration. There is enough forum activity to acquire the remaining posts needed before the end of registration for newer members wishing to participate.


I have to say that the rules are very reasonable and the post count requirements are quite low, considering how nice and thoughtful are the gifts (seeing past secret santa). Quite hypocritical of me to say though, since I do not have 50 posts yet :stuck_out_tongue:

I am in for International.


Mrrp, I won’t be entering this year since my present from last year never made it to it’s intended destination (thank you Australia post >> ) unless I get paired with another aussie. Is that possible?

im moving soon So I might not be able to participate xD

Unless im aloud to send, and nobody send anything to me =D

I’ll take international as well.

Get in there Pokesyn. You can always ship to me.

oh yeese… Truency.

I Am in for internationlingtons.

International. I never did find out if the gift I sent last year arrived… @milhouse ?

I didn’t receive my gift last year :slightly_frowning_face: