E4 Secret Santa 2017

Hello! And welcome to E4’s Fourth Annual Secret Santa! This is a site-wide favorite that I know a lot of people look forward to. Every year we have surprises, triumphs, and a whole heck of a lot of community bonding. Let’s all work together to make this year another success!


In order to participate you must:
-Have at least 50 posts
-Have NOT failed to send in a prior Secret Santa event (We have a list and we are checking it twice)

This year the setup is as such:
-There is only one pool this year. The forum has evolved to be sufficiently international. As such, there is not the same need for a US-only pool that we have had in the past. We believe this adjustment will create a more fair system overall.
-Registration will be open for three weeks. On November 11th at 10:00PM EST registration will close. Assignments will be given out the next day.
-Participants have three weeks to come up with their gifts. All gifts should be shipped by December 2nd at the LATEST.
-NEW RULE: Providing tracking is not optional. You HAVE to give me proof that you shipped or it will be counted as delinquency. We were pretty chill about this last year and it caused a lot of issue. Not an option anymore. I want pictures of your receipts with visible tracking numbers.
-Early shipping of gifts is encouraged. Holiday shipping is highly unpredictable. We usually have gifts arriving until late January.
-The value floor is $25. Gifts must be at least this much, but we will not stop those who feel like exceeding that value. Having a minimum value helps everyone feel they are getting out of it what they put into it. It sucks to send a $25 gift and get a base set weedle in return. Be considerate.
-If you are unsure what a good gift looks like, HERE is a link to last year’s photo thread. You can see how well different gifts were received and possibly get ideas of your own.

Some additional rules:
-If anyone is caught scamming through this event, they will be permanently banned immediately.
-No custom or other fake cards. All Pokemon products must be official Pokemon products.
-Alters or atsy cards can be included but should not be factored into the value.
-No cards at below excellent condition.
-All members must include a drawing of a pokemon with their gift. This is not optional. It’s a blast. I don’t care if you’re bad. Don’t be a baby.

How to participate:

-Post here or PM me that you are participating.
-PM me your shipping address, favorite pokemon, and general collecting interests. (General collecting interest should be broad. Saying you like trophy cards is not helpful)
-At the end of registration, I will send out assignment names and info.
-Begin shopping around ASAP.
-Ship to the address provided by December 2nd.
-As things arrive, feel free to post them in the E4 Secret Santa 2017 Gift Photos thread located HERE: (Will Insert Link After Assignments Given)



  1. churlocker
  2. RayquazaTCG
  3. scratchdesk
  4. poken00b88
  5. smpratte
  6. Pokemon Classics
  7. jjnoriega
  8. shizzlemetimbers
  9. charchu
  10. ssjc
  11. aquaz
  12. Miracle Gro
  13. Not Zelda Gilroy
  14. hypernova
  15. Quuador
  16. MasonKampe
  17. skinst
  18. Nauticads
  19. stephneechan
  20. gemmint10
  21. poketrade
  22. xzini
  23. gottaketchumall
  24. thefiddler
  25. fourthstartcg
  26. pieterpie
  27. PokemonTrader
  28. Reina Sierpe
  29. Train of Thought
  30. pokemonsyndicate
  31. sandmantheendless
  32. Colours
  33. PkmnFlyingMaster
  34. MartinCollects
  35. TheTropicalWoodsman
  36. swolepoke
  37. tenaciousm17
  38. e2d2
  39. admiral77
  40. binx345
  41. joetehman
  42. Prochaos
  43. leejiho
  44. styluspt
  45. maverick75
  46. ruthlessrain
  47. ozenigma
  48. chok
  49. kai
  50. definitelynotditto
  51. buckna
  52. jdlawr03
  53. youngbambino
  54. scarshield
  55. aj
  56. kpatmusic
  57. raichuforyou

NOTE: Don’t see your name but thought you signed up? Message for clarification on what details are missing to properly register you.


I’m in!

Count this n00b in, Sir Churlocker.

I’m in!

I am in. Lotta fun last year. Thanks again for running this.

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Make sure you PM me the details required so I can get you on the roster! :blush:

Yey can’t wait!!! Will message you soon! :blush:

I’m so excited for this . . . hopefully, we are allowed to seek professional help with the artwork though (my skills are seriously lacking in this area).

Info sent :blush:

Just make it up. No one is out here to get discovered. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ll say I’m in.

Count me in!


Im in!



Updated main post.

sure why not :blush:

gotta meet the 50 post requirement

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I’m in of course. Was a lot of fun last year. Will pm you details either in a moment or tonight, Charlie.

Edit: Pm send.


I would like to join. pm sent