Secret Santa 2015 Thread - ASSIGNMENTS GIVEN OUT

Alright guys. I want to give as much time as possible for this years Secret Santa event so this post is being made now. I hope we have as much success as we did last year.

50 post minimum to participate OR proof of tracked shipping first sent to me.
All addresses sent to me and randomly distributed soon after registration.
All gifts shipped by December 5th.
International shippers will be pooled separately with domestic shippers. Anyone may be in international is they want, even if in the US.
Please submit for international shipping if you are willing. It makes the event more fun overall!
Registrations closed by 20th of November 2015.

$10 minimum gift value.
If anyone is caught scamming through this event, they will be permanently banned immediately.

No fake cards.
No cards at below Excellent condition.
You are DEEPLY encouraged to attempt to draw a pokemon and include that drawing in your gift.
How to participate:
-Post here or PM me that you are participating and which pool you are going to be a part of.
-PM me your address.
-Begin shopping around ASAP.
-Ship to the address provided by December 5th.
-As things arrive, feel free to post them here in this thread.


Domestic Pool:

International Pool:

  1. swolepoke

  2. Fourthstartcg

  3. nauticads

  4. RayquazaTCG

  5. Pokemontrader

  6. poketrade

  7. Reina Sierpe

  8. Stepychu

  9. Ozenigma

  10. PokeConnect

  11. aj

  12. Pokemonsyndicate

  13. Not Zelda Gilroy

  14. thorgene

  15. Azul Ryu

  16. tyrantarnado

  17. martcincollects

  18. kktxhbai

  19. kubek

  20. darkrai

  21. rgzcampbell

NOTE: Don’t see your name but thought you signed up? Message for clarification on what details are missing to properly register you.


Count me in for international!

I’m In!!

Count me for International babaaay :sunglasses:

Out of State needs love too

Thank you based @swolepoke for putting their name in the PM Subject, I legitimately though I was going to have trouble with people not doing that.


International pool gogo!

International :blush:

You can place me down for international :heart_eyes:

International all the way :blush:


I don’t under stand the name in pm line?

When you PM me your address just put ‘Gary’ in the Subject line so when I reply to you with your partner in the future I can go through my PM box and see whose message is whose.

I’m im ! International :grin:

International super star

What mean by - 50 post minimum to participate OR proof of tracked shipping first sent to me.

Do I just ship a gift to milhouse and they get shipped to random people or something?

I’m in, International!

It’s meant to be shipped to “me” as in the receiver of the gift :blush:

International for me :blush:

ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I see.

I’m in then for international pool thingy.

I can afford international this time. Count me in.

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I’m in! International!

Yeah, count me in for international :blush: