E4 Pokemon fan art and crafts

Your Pekoe-inspired watercolors are really cute—really like the one with the sunflowers!


Corocoro Shining Mew
Alcohol Markers
Micron Pen


Wish I could like that twice.

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too kind :face_holding_back_tears:

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Imaginary Ooyama’s Mew card:

If Mew gold star is not shiny and delta species:

If Moonbreon is shiny:

What I would like Mew Vmax alt art to be:

If they release Tarot cards using pokemon:
“Ace of Moonbreon”


Nice art Passerbytwo!

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The Ooyama’s Mew card design is really cute!

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A small Combee! (Juxtaposed with a nickel)

I was mostly finished with this piece before I realized Combee’s face isn’t actually flat—it’s a bit of a small dome :sweat_smile: But oh well


The Raikou, Suicune, and Entei cards from Crown Zenith are awesome, and I was reminded of them while watching the regionals since Raikou popped in there with the Miraidon decks. :slight_smile: So it was fun to make these!


Seeing your artwork always puts a smile on my face, @alyo!


Thanks so much! It’s an awesome thing to hear :')

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These are awesome. That Raikou art is my favorite of the 3.


Just finished this tiny Blastoise in the last few days. I’m really happy with the detail I was able to fit in!

Also, it’s not like this pose is new to Blastoise in any way (I used the CD promo pose as inspiration), but I thought it was funny that it matches really well with the 151 Blastoise ex card :joy:


Looks fantastic! Great work as always!

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Out of curiosity, did your Plan A E4 Art Contest piece get finished? I’m still curious to see what it is given your neat ideas. Or is it top secret :zipper_mouth_face:? (i.e. a possible next year submission!)

A few months back I tried to draw a spiritual interpretation of Snap Gyarados:

I barely complete any of my doodles but I was actually rather happy with this one.


I have been slowly continuing it but have had many interruptions and other priorities so its been hard to carve out a weeks worth of dedicated time to solely that project. It seems silly to not do it for next years, especially given all the time Im putting into it, but I like to run with ideas I havent tried for the art contest so Im sure I’ll have something else that takes far too much time and resources to submit for that one.


Enjoy the rush of the time pressure, eh? :joy:

Well, it’ll hopefully eventually get done, and we’ll wait patiently until it does!

(I also currently have a non-Pokemon project that has been on-and-off for a long time, so I get the feeling)


The time pressure keeps me focused during the competition, without it its too easy for me to get distracted from the project. But I also wasnt expecting the thing to take a dedicated 80hrs of work to possibly complete in a way that will be the bare minimum presentable… I hope. Absolutely my fault as I adjusted the scope of the project to better fit my wants instead of doing it the easiest way and it taking a quarter of the time. For example, I could go with premade portions that are easier to use but the scale would be about 4x larger than I want or have space for, so instead of that I opted to instead handmake at the scale I want but it makes the project time of that portion go from maybe 8hrs to 40hrs.

The good thing is that I do it the way that I want and its true to myself while constantly expanding my imagination and always learning new techniques to deal with the challenges of reality. The bad thing is that its objectively a poor use of time and effort because there were easier solutions that would have given similar results.