E4 Poké Sketches & More!

This topic was inspired mainly by @zenard when he posted an awesome picture of a realistic Feraligatr sketch on his collection thread. So here we are, a thread about Art. Feel free to post whatever creations you guys sketch up, whether it’s Pokemon related or not.I myself will be working on a Realistic Typhlosion this week.

For now here is a photo of a Mew I drew about 5 years ago, Enjoy!


Really bad at finishing drawings but I do make quite a bit of sketches.

Here’s the Feraligatr one, hopefully I’ll be able to complete it :stuck_out_tongue:


I got this one saved on my computer from quite a while back; not the best, but certainly not the worst either. :]

I actually have a whole binder full of old Pokemon pictures I drew back in elementary school of the original 151 which I ironically made because my parents refused to buy me cards. Most of them are pretty cringeworthy quality though.


You should post some more stuff! :grin:

I began doodling how my typhlosion was going to look, the doodle turned out pretty good itself!


Cool drawing!
I remember that I also made custom Pokémon cards because I couldn’t get all that I wanted, I remember drawing some but would also cut out the image from the booster packs to glue on, (insta holo card :wink: ) for example Latias from Ex Dragon which was my favourite Pokémon at the time :rofl:
Unfortunately I don’t think that I have any of the custom cards left but I will share if I find them :grin:

wish more than stick men was my thing




I looooooooooove pixel art, those are really awesome!

Very simple, I like them.

Show me Charizard?

Accidentally made a thing instead of finishing Feraligatr / Arcanine

@pottsinator Wanna trade me a Ray gold star for the finished piece? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I don’t know about that. This one looks like a Rembrandt next to what I could do;) (he was an artist house)…lol.


Dude that’s sweet! I love the realism in your art. I wish they made cards more like that. With a “MTG” feel :wink: awesome work!


@pottsinator Thanks man, really appreciate it! I try to thread a fine line between realism and fantasy, too little of either and it becomes boring for me! :grin:

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I went and dug up the ol’ looseleaf binder and took pictures of some of the better ones just for you and @zenard . Feels almost like sharing embarrassing childhood photos haha. Them foil star stickers though…

Higher Res @ s12.photobucket.com/user/areestee/library/05-%20Miscellaneous


Hahahah! I love those foil star stickers man!! x’D

Really dig the Scyther / Snorlax! Got nothing but love for that Electrode as well mate, love it!

My friend made this art piece for me. It is a character from another game I played which I made the head, It was base off a japanese movie which had a man in a metal jaw which I forgot the name of it.

But she knew I loved Entei and Put my in-game character.

I have more art pieces from her even framed them and hanged them but others are pokemon related



Damn! Sick!!!

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I love how your one of the first people to not draw wailord to look like a giant Dildo. If they just put that curve in the other Wailords it would be nice. Nice Drawings bruh! That Ninetales is amazing man. This wailord should be an official card, because it looks cute!!