E4 Pokemon fan art and crafts

Hi all, I thought it would be nice to have a main thread for people to share their Pokemon fan art or crafts–extended art cards, paintings, digital art, crochet/amigurumi pieces, anything! I haven’t been active on the forums for too long, but I know there’s an illustration contest. And I’ve seen some awesome works there, so come share!

I’ll start us off with a little crochet Hoppip I made (quarter for scale):

And a fun picture to follow! Titled “He who lurks beneath the tall grass.”


Adore that Hoppip. Asako Ito would be proud!


That’s awesome! Hoppip card worthy! In fact…if I may…here’s my virtual arts and crafts…

Card idea:


It actually looks really nice in a card frame (the greens match especially nicely)!

I’m hoping to incorporate more background/scenery in some future pictures to make them look more like TCG card illustrations!


That is amazing work! Adorable and small and cute and perfect!


Please share when you do! I will say I feel like crocheting that small has to be difficult, at least it would be for me. Great way to add your own taste to your Pokemon collection :slight_smile:

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I wondered when I saw your avatar, if you had made it yourself. Nice work!

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Thanks for the kind words all!

@camrok37 The crochet size here isn’t too bad, but there are even tinier crochet Pokemon to come that can be a bit difficult sometimes! Do you also crochet? Your comment makes it sound like you do

I’ll update the thread sporadically with stuff I’ve already made but am hoping others will share their creations too!


I wish! I have tried it in the past but with limited success. But I do think it’s cool to see the stuff people can come up with!

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I did bunch of digital paintings during last E4 art competition that I didn’t post anywhere, I’ll post them here later today.

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I found the timelapse of the totodile piece I submitted.

Hopefully it can be viewed it think I have made it unlisted.


Your hoppip is so cute!

I made a mimikyu not long ago, it’s polymer clay:


Cool :sunglasses: I like this perspective of Totodile; the only stance of Totodile I can picture in my mind is standing or walking on two feet. I like this reminder that it’s actually a crocodilian Pokemon.


These are some of the ones I did. I took a lot of inspiration from already made art and put my own spin on it and I think they came out pretty decent.


I think they all came out great! And it’s cool that there are a number of different styles on showcase too. My favorites are the first Magikarp (gives me Komiya vibes!), the Venusaur, and the following Ho-oh. The pose of that Ho-oh is so dynamic!

The Squirtle one reminds me of Pokemon Snap 64, where you hit that Psyduck with an apple and he just starts jumping out of the water and posing like that :joy:

Also like the upload of the time-lapse! I like watching time-lapses because it gives you an idea of the direction the artist wanted to take as they’re drawing and gives you an appreciation for the deliberateness of the finer details.

Thanks for sharing these awesome pieces!

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Thanks! The Mimikyu looks great and like a Yuka Morii work! The fake Pikachu face looks especially menacing :scream:

Does polymer clay eventually harden? I’ve always wondered about these clay figures if they remain semi-soft/somewhat malleable or if they harden after the piece is finished.

Thanks, I love her work!

Polymer clay is baked at a low temperature in the oven, so it stays hard afterward. You also have a type of air-dry clay that hardens without baking.

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Ah, I see. There’s a bunch of mediums I’d like to try out and clay is on that list. But we’ll see how long it takes for me to get around to it :sweat_smile:

Hope to see more of your clay creations sometime!

I adore these man. Wonderful work. It must have been hard to select the one for the contest! It’s hard to say, but I think I’d have to pick that wonderful windwakeresque squirtle or the suiboku-ga style venusaur. But also really love the building overhead Ho-Oh. Beautiful stuff Ayo!


The gang’s all here!

After I made the Hoppip, I wanted to try to make the Pokemon poses/faces more dynamic, to give them a bit more life. So the Jumpluff and Skiploom are much happier fellows than that Hoppip sporting that soulless smile on his face!