E4 Pokemon fan art and crafts

I was going to ask you if you intended to make the whole family, they look lovely! I share your passion for the Jumpluff family, the colors work so well together. :smiley:

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Ok this is so amazing I’m losing it. Now I’m sitting here thinking I could use a Slowbro, or poke at the least…

My partner thinks hoppip is cute so I showed her all these and she’s grinning ear to ear and oo’ing and aww’ing

Love it man


Here’s a gift that I received for Christmas. It was hand-made by my wife’s cousin and it was the sweetest gift ever :innocent: Hard for anyone to ever beat it (Oddish is my favorite Pokemon for those who don’t know)


That’s great :slight_smile:

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These are adorable and turned out so great.

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He’s a cute little fella! That’s a great gift, and I’m sure he was made with lots of care :blush:

Thanks for sharing too! It’s always fun to see other people’s works

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Slowpoke has a body type that’s amenable for crocheting (Slowbro would be a bit more ambitious). I may try it out sometime–maybe Galarian Slowpoke because I like its color scheme. I’ll report back if it ever gets done :joy:


Hey hey, no bad words about the soulless smile, i base my coping at work very much on that expression!


Can’t remember when I made those, I’ve been slacking these days when it comes to polymer clay…


They’re cute! I like that the body looks like some type of shinier gray clay to make them look more metally (unless I’m wrong about this :sweat_smile:). Just mash them all together and you’ll have a Melmetal now too!

You’ll get back into it when inspiration hits :slightly_smiling_face:

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