2022 Toronto Regional Championships: Mitsuhiro Arita

100% agree. Arita used to stream himself working – it’s fascinating watching him turn a blank page into a completed piece.

Edit: What do the formats/group sizes for these panels usually look like? Is it a large audience, with a screen/projector showing Arita work, or something more intimate?


Edit: Also make sure to have good questions prepared in advance. With the Saitou one we had some interesting info revealed. I found out the artists usually get 10 copies of their card unless it’s rare, in which case they often get less.


Update: Check your email if you didn’t get selected round 1 for the panel. Round two of open spots seemed to have gone out today. Assuming these are open spots from people that didn’t signup within the signup period.

Oh nice, just checked my spam mail and saw I got the live demonstration for Saturday!

So much for #nopanelgang.


Thank you for posting this, I would have missed it otherwise. Since I got a panel spot I’ll now be attending my first event ever! Excited to go and hopefully see people there


Thanks for the update
Still no demonstration ticket haha losing streak continues :upside_down_face:

With no panel I might have to sit out Toronto…

oof, fingers crossed for a round 3 opportunity? :melting_face:

Unfortunately I cannot make it to the event :frowning: I’m in Japan and most of Arita Sensei’s event are oversea. I wonder if anyone can help me get one card signed and I’d like to pay a commission. Ps. I’d like to help in the future signing event in Japan



It is pretty funny how much of his time is spent overseas.


:frowning: Yeah, it’s really a sad story for domestic fans. My favorite card is Pikachu stamp and I hope I can have an autographed card one day.


If by any chance anyones going who doesnt mind getting 2 cards signed for me feel free to dm me.

It’s just tough because the demand is insane. The line rolls over for the whole weekend so it may be the case that you literally only get one signing slot which is 2 cards with a sketch on just one of them.

I have a panel slot so I’m likely to get 4 slots at least. I wouldn’t be suprised if that was all I got for the whole weekend.

Just the four autos - two without sketches ‐ will cost me about $300. I live in Toronto so I don’t even have to worry about flights or hotel. It could very much be the case that someone spends $1k for the trip and leaves with 0-2 autographs

I’d love to help @Frandesu or @jac2357 or anybody else on here who would want one. But the cost both financially and timewise (and I’d be losing one of my own spots) is just not worth it unless you’re offering compensation at $1000 minimum per card.

If it ends up being the case that Arita is signing so fast I could go through 10 times, then I’d happily help at a more reasonable price. I also have a spare stamp promo :wink:. But I’d feel terrible promising a spot to someone if there’s a good chance I might not be able to honor it


I would be willing to get 1-2 cards signed for someone on here. I have a panel slot and should be able to get through the line at least one time. I would be keeping the sketch auto slots for myself as those are what I have plans for. In terms of cost, I would probably be charging in the realm of $400-500 per card. If that interests anyone here, feel free to pm me and we can work out details.


Or not by him…. These days are crazy, I saw in France 2 Italian people that skip the queue and got sketched by Arita a shining Charizard and a gold star rayquaza :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Also, if anyone attending would be willing to get me signed 1 or 2 cards dm me thank you!

Hey guys! The event is coming up and I just wanted to double check… does anyone have confirmation on how/where/when to pick-up the spectator passes? Don’t want to not get them/ show-up on the day and realize I’ve done something wrong! Thanks!

You should be getting them at the event right when you arrive

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I will be here! I am moving to toronto (from Sydney, Australia) for work. Hope to meet some of you :slight_smile: I have a spectator pass and will try my luck to get my first signed card!