XY7 Bandit Ring!

Featuring Hoopa, naturally. :grin:


Emboar EX not getting a set card


Not unexpected to see Hoopa as the main focus, maybe we’ll get a Volcanion reveal in a set next year. (Assuming he gets a movie).
Also assuming it is a Dark/Psychic themed Set I am calling:

Hoopa EX(Psychic)/Possibly an Unbound EX with Dark typing. (For those who don’t play VGC, Unbound is a forme like Giratina has, but for Hoopa)
Alakazam/M Alakazam EX(Psychic)
Sableye/M Sableye EX(Dark)
Golurk EX (Fighting type from Ground)
Jellicent EX(Water)

That leaves 2 SR spots open for FA Trainers.

Oh jesus. I can already see the money leaving my wallet…

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Hope youre right so i can skip this set haha. Need to take a break from the boxes. But a sableye would be incredible.

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With Hoopa being a given, I think we’ll only see maybe 2 more psychic Pokemon EX at best. I mean sure, we get themed sets, but as far as the EXs go, they only take up about 2-3 slots of the given type. Like XY6 for example. We had Latios, Hydreigon and Ray for dragon type EX. Even Ray wasn’t dragon type. They don’t make all the EXs fit the set type, and I think that’s a great thing. That’d be too predictable and boring.

I’m still hanging out for a Suicune and Milotic EX, I have a feeling we won’t see them this time around. M Sableye would be nice. The FA Mega would look so delicious with that huge jewel. Delicious enough to make @pokemoncollector7 cave buy 10 boxes again.

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Me sitting on Amiami site waiting for the Pre Orders to open:


Why do these sets just keep getting better and better?! My poor, poor wallet…

i really am loving the sets lately lets hope this one keeps the momentum going :blush:

Amiami pre-orders are open.

@aj1 highlight


Ordered the shiny set boxes :wink:

Thanks for the tag, I just pmed you thinking id beat you to it, then saw i didnt :grin:

Only really interested in the main set myself.

Go to place my pre-order, found this www.amiami.com/top/detail/detail?gcode=TOY-SCL2-39037&page=top%2Fsearch%2Flist%3Fs_keywords%3Dpokemon%24pagemax%3D40%24getcnt%3D0%24pagecnt%3D1

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I have tons of the Legendary Shine Boxes on order :blush:
That set will print money imo.

Can somebody please inform me if what the legendary shine boxes are? Thanks

You’ll find all needed information here: collectorviper.livejournal.com/131429.html

Guys maybe we should create separate thread for this mini set? Or at least put some more info about it in the first post?


Yes, please do

Are booster boxes from ami ami 1st edition. Cant seem to find any indicoation that they are. Im wondering if i purchase booster boxes for gaia volcano and tidal storm if they will be 1st edition

I haven’t seen Unlimited versions so it is probably safe to buy from AmiAmi and expect 1ED.

Note: I would only say this for their first batch of preorders. Afterwards, I’m not saying it will be… There probably is a nice chance, but for instance if I ordered an XY2 box right now, it probably would be UED.

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Perhaps so! I still haven’t seen UED for even XY3. It’s bizarre how long it takes for them to show up.

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