Phantom Gate Reveal!

Damn these cards look cool! and really colorful :sunglasses:

lol. ya they could have made it more “dark and evil” kinda weird that they choose colorful and happy… but hopefully the FA will be epic :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, I felt the same way initially. Just didn’t seem that special of a card… but oh wells, still glad they did Gengar.

Also… how freaking many of these xy sets are there going to be… EVERYBODY IS SERIOUSLY MILKING POKEMON WAY TOO MUCH.

It just breaks my wallet >.<

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Thought they were jelly beans, honestly.

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Lol… yeah… so awesome. epic

Also it is the same pose as the lvl x, just reversed. I thought they could do something different.

they look like colored aquarium rocks… lol



It’s the box promo for buying 20 packs

I want buy a box exclusive promos. D:

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This was the first thing that came in my mind from backgrounds. :wink:

Please let Gengar-EX FA be insanely good looking at least. :slightly_frowning_face:


I love that Gengar EX, haters gonna hate.

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That level X has the most awesome holo effect on it. Regular ex / lv.X + star shine 0_o AMAZING!

I love these new cards (although I could have done without the smarties as well) these gengars are the best cards from xy yet!

First picture on beach shows the Manectric card as well, not a fan.

No, the 3d damages the awesomeness of the original starters. Cd promo art remains the best for those.

I guess I like them best, because I like gengar best as a mega. And his form lends itself for the 3d art.

The Ditto promo seems to be holo, right? It looks really cool :blush:

Yes it is holos like all the others :blush:

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why are all the more *recent* gengar cards feature gengar at ridiculous angles??

Sabrina’s gengar non-holo 4 lyfe

Totally, the arceus one is great too

Elite Trainer Box Art