XY4 Phantom Gate - NEW Info 31/7

Japan’s XY4 set will be named Phantom Gate and is set to be released on September 13th! Like the type-themed sets before it, Phantom Gate will focus on Psychic-type Pokemon, featuring Gengar-EX and M Gengar-EX as its set mascots a la Charizard and Lucario for Wild Blaze and Furious Fists. The set will have at least 88 cards.

Three other products will also be released on the same day: a 60-card “Hyper Metal Chain” deck featuring Dialga-EX and Aegislash-EX for 1,000 yen ($10), a 32-pack of Mega Gengar sleeves for 362 yen ($3.62), and a Mega Gengar deck box also for 362 yen.

Just saw this!
M Gengar is a definite! It was on my list of tops. So were the M Mewtwos, which I’m banking on. But perhaps the greatest question of all is:

M Alakazam.

Does The Pokemon Company love us?

We’ll find out shortly.

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Friend just said this to me:

“Have you noticed how they make a fighting support set and then a psychic one straight after it?”

Made me laugh

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Hahahahaha best reply ever! :blush:

@bagoly14 they are up on amiami now?

They are not. Will preorder/10 though.


Amiami are doing pre-orders now.


Where do you live?

That really sucks, I have heard that Canada has some really shitty import charges on certain things. I have a friend in Northern Ireland who gets slapped with ridiculous import charges as well.

I am lucky that Australia has up to 1000(might be 1500) before any Import Charges even come into it.

Don’t rush us through Worlds!!

i for one love the sporadic spoilers that Japan provide for new sets. That’s a whole August we’d miss!

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Any idea when the card art is going to leak? :blush:

We usually get 1-2 of the regular EX, and a few C/UC/Holo revealed to promote about a month before. Then FA/Secrets and the rest of the set start to leak a few days before the official release day.

We have received word that America’s November set will be named Phantom Forces, which is of course Japan’s Phantom Gate set (of which we know very little about). But with the following English set information, we now know more about the Japanese set!
Phantom Forces hits store shelves on November 5th and will will feature over 110 cards. There will be six Pokemon-EX in the set and two Mega Evolution Pokemon: M Manectric-EX, M Gengar-EX, Manectric-EX, Gengar-EX, and Aegislash-EX (from the Hyper Metal Chain deck) are all confirmed. Dialga-EX from the same deck will likely be in the set too.
A new mechanic being introduced in the set are “Spirit Link” cards, which will “push the limits of Mega Evolution.” No further information is known about these Spirit Link cards yet, but we’ll bring it to you as soon as we hear it!


RIP Alakazam EX

Spirit Link?

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Mega manectric? I could not care less. Gangar mega is pretty cool though. I hope they’ll do it justice in the art design, mega manectric is just another flop ex waiting to happen. Selling for around 5 bucks if you’re lucky…