Dark Phantasma Revealed (More Legends Arceus Cards!)


a few key notes:

  • Sparkling/Radiant Pokemon continue with Gardevoir (+ whatever other ones are revealed)
  • introduction of Hisuian Zorua, Zoroark, Zoroark V/Vstar, and Goodra V/Vstar.
    (Possibly with single prize version of H-Goodra and H-Sliggoo as well)
  • Parallels to Battle Region with 6 cards per pack, Sparkling Pokemon, and reverse holos, which *could* imply more CHRs/CSRs
  • Releases in a month from now (May 13th)

This will likely be paired with Lost Abyss (June Release) as our SwSh 11 set, Lost Origin. Not Certain on if there will be a third set to combine with these, but hopefully Lost Origin includes the cards from the Zeraora and Deoxys high class decks. Last year, the high class decks (Gengar and Inteleon, which included special arts) did not come out in English until a set later than what *should* have been.


Here’s hoping for a Goodra alt art!

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It seems more like Battle Region, so I wouldn’t expect any alt arts sadly. Its great that they are continuing Sparkling Pokemon though. Only other thought I have, is that we all should expect the Arezu Full Art to be like $400.


With the theme, I’m praying we get some Gothitelle love in here.

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that would be dope. FWIW the following set is Lost Abyss which goth could fit in as well

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What are the chances it’ll have any differences from S9a Battle Region? Everything revealed so far makes it a direct sequel

Set mascots (Hisuian starters) got V-STARs but no CSR V
Some Pokémon V (Starmie, Garchomp) that don’t have V-STAR got a CSR V
So if nothing changes, Hisuian Zoroark will be the one with a gold V-STAR but no CSR V

Translated product description for the S10b Pokémon GO set indicates that Dark Phantasma does not have any VMAX cards

It seems they’re doing 1 Sparkling Pokémon per energy type, and Gardevoir ticks off Psychic from the list. The remaining types are Grass / Lightning / Darkness / Metal / Dragon / Colourless

Gengar holo means it has a chance of getting a CHR (w/ Agatha, Sabrina, Morty)

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all sound like logical guesses

fingers crossed for a distortion world giratina alt art

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Pikachu and Raichu are in the set.

Maybe time for a Raichu CHR.

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the raichu is a sneaky good attacker. i could definitely see them giving the card some extra love with a CHR

sparkling zubat incoming

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yeah i think there will be some prominent role with the crobat line based on the pack art

this is hype! akira komayama is one of my favorites atm


Only good one has been the Greninja for me.

At least this doesn’t feature no background like the others.

i mostly like this sneasler because i have the shiny in game, and for a pokemon who’s design is not my favorite, akira made it look pretty awesome.

new contender for a potential CHR with Palina which would be dope

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I find it interesting how, other than Greninja, most of the Sparkling Rares we have seen thus far feature relatively unpopular Pokemon (Heatran, Hawlucha, Sneasler). Definitely an intriguing twist.


idk if i’d call gardevoir unpopular


not sure which dragon i’d like to see. obviously ray would be hype, but i’d be down for something that hasn’t had as much love in shiny form. either way, i’m excited to see what the last one is from this set and what the others are in September