New Lugia Set + Potential Shiny Zard VSTAR v Ray VMAX Decks

Pokebeach just released an article going over upcoming japan products which is full of exciting news

the current schedule of the year is

July 15th
-Lost Abyss
–Giratina Origin Forme as the mascot
–Similar structure as Star Birth (100+ cards, likely to include special arts instead of character arts)
-Deoxys and Zeraora VSTAR and VMAX High Class Decks
–Same product as the Gengar and Inteleon VMAX High Class Decks which included a chance at a special/alt art of the vmax

Sept 2nd
-Incandescent Arcana (the third and likely final of the Enhanced Expansions like Battle Region and Dark Phantasma)
–likely to include 6 CHRs, 2 CSRs, 3 Radiant Pokemon
–includes a VSTAR of Alolan Vulpix with hints at a character art of Lillie and Vulpix (Snowy)

I’m predicting this will be the final Legends Arceus themed set. If you’ve played the game, you know one of the late side quest missions has to do with Alolan Vulpix

October 21st
-Paradigm Trigger
Lugia, Regieleki, and Regidrago as the mascots
–Also similar to other main sets (non -a/-b sets) and will likely not have character arts, but special arts instead.

November 4th
-Special Battle Set Charizard VSTAR vs Rayquaza VMAX
–Likely to be similar to the Zacian and Zamazenta vs Eternatus decks that came out this same time last year which featured shiny versions of Zac and Zam

December 2nd
-VSTAR Universe
–Likely the sequel to VMAX Climax which would imply a focus on alternate (potentially character) arts instead of just shiny recolorings like Shiny Star V

December 16th
-“Jumbo Card Collection
–features Lapras, Mew, and Latias
–No clue what to compare this to

As for gen 9 (Scarlet & Violet), in recent gens, this set would come out in December, but it seems like japan is shifting their release schedule around a bit. I predict January, but could easily be February.

Either way, we’ll get a look at the new card style/gimmick at Worlds in August.


They are unable to leave Charizard alone.

Kinda pathetic really.

As long as people continue to go nuts over any set that has a Charizard in it, Pokémon is printing money, not cards.

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its one product out of many. charizard is one of the most popular pokemon. people don’t bring this up when they print 10 pikachu promos a year. i’m just happy its one product that will divert a lot of attention away from all of the other things that were announced that i am actually excited for


And so, Shiny Rayquaza continues to have at least one printing per generation.

At least the Charizard & Ray will be in its own collection vs being in sets…for Japan at least I’m pretty sure we’ll get it as a secret rare English side.

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They haven’t brought over the Zamazenta and Zacian shinies yet right? Wonder whether those will end up coming at all.

Bit weird to randomly shove in a Charizard too.

I guess it all depends on what VSTAR Universe turns out to be.

Will they have enough to create a special set?

Actually, one of the issues is having too many UR cards and hardly any ‘bulk’ to make up the rest of the set.

But honestly they are hundreds of unreleased JP cards they could just shove in and bring over.

Fusion Vivid Champion’s Universe Fates


hoothoot hype

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Lots of stuff to be excited for. I haven’t bought anything since VMAX Climax but it’s so exciting to see the new arts they release.

As for the Charizard Rayquaza Deck, that has my attention. I wouldn’t count on it containing any artwork that won’t appear in English. But it already sounds like a huge value purchase.

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the hoothoot is too cutecute

nah we haven’t had the shiny zac and zam yet, and honestly i wouldn’t be surprised if we didn’t get them. tbh, i could see the zard and ray slip by as well, but surely TPCI wouldn’t pass on that opportunity…

Finally some Regieleki and Regidrago love! I’m been waiting for Vs of them!


alts of eleki and drago are what i’m looking forward to most after (hopefully) alts of deoxys and zeraora. still holding out for spectrier, glastrier, and calyrex cards before the end of SWSH

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Yes! I would love standalone cards of them for my dex binder

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