ORAS/XY5 TCG Sets - Tidal Storm and Gaia Volcano!



Well there goes my savings.


Why they have to release new sets so fast after another. Pack artwork is kinda neat, can’t wait to see updates for this set. :blush:

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Iiiiii love it!

haha I think this time I will defnitely take a few boxes… I totally loved the Ruby/Sapphire TCG and video game

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It does seem rather quickly, but when you look at it we ‘only’ get 4 sets a year. (Counting the double set releases as 1 set release, for Japanese)

If the pack artwork is any indication of what to expect in the set, this will be great!


Primal Kyogre and Primal Groudon Legend cards, take all my money.


Probably one of the more popular XY sets for it’s supposed retro style, lets hope that the art reflects our expectations. No skittles, no clay, not too much computer stuff and I’ll be a happy man. Not impressed with the groudon ex, but the full art might be awesome.

These are my demands:
Treecko, Torchic, MUDKIP lines
Fairy-type Ralts/Kirlia/Gardevoir :heart_eyes:
Lileep/Cradily, Anorith/Armaldo
Clamperl/Gorebyss :heart_eyes:/Huntail
Jirachi :heart_eyes:


First 3 are obvious, but don’t be surprised if they get split up (Treeko/Mudkip in these sets, then a set based around Blaziken, See: X/Y and Wild Blaze)
Gardevoir is getting a Promo EX, so maybe not.
Medicham has a mega, so chances are we will see an EX/M-EX pair.
Regirock/Regice got screwed for EX’s during the B/W series so I’d LOVE to see them get a show in.

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Whiscash Whiscash Whiscash Whiscash Whiscash Whiscash Whiscash Whiscash Whiscash Whiscash Whiscash Whiscash Whiscash Whiscash Whiscash

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I’d love a badass lugia

sigh… rly… another one… so soon… T.T

Mudkip is the one that’s a real demand, hence the capitalization, because they haven’t done him since 2009.

It’s Gallade getting the EX and not Gardevoir, unless some other promos have been confirmed. But as for Medicham and Gardevoir, they still really need to do some regular versions so the pre-evolutions can get some play. The small pool of eligible Hoenn-based Fairy lines makes me think they might go ahead and do a Fairy Ralts line anyway.

Their only Hoenn Fairy choices are Ralts, Mawile (who is in the same “but she has a Mega!” boat as Gardevoir) and Azurill (and good luck with that one since they’ve been avoiding Baby Pokemon at all costs since Gen IV ended).

Primal kyogre theme deck with water type whiscash

primal groudon theme deck with ground type whiscash

…but that would never happen…

It would be cool to see Aerodactyl aggron and altaria get their megas done. Hopefully camerupt doesnt make a spot light appearance :0

Anyone else totally forget that Altaria got a Mega? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Oh you are right on the Gallade. I think a Gardevoir/Mega combo is almost guaranteed then.

I dont think Mudkip is the desired line for the general populace. Blaziken is the Pokemon they promote the hardest from the gen 3 starters and is the fan favourite (despite the mudkip meme). But regardless it’ll be nice to see them all.

I was thinking that its going to be tough for all Gen 3 Pokemon to get a show in during this series of sets. Mainly because its technically still a XY set, and they havent even scratched the surface as far as getting through the megas which they are batshit crazy over atm. So honestly I woildnt be surprised if pokemon like Mawile get ignored sadly.

Anything without a mega probably has a shot at some ‘normal’ cards though, it’ll be nixe to see them.

If we don’t get a Gyarados FA I will cry.
Also I bet 10 bucks on a Flannery FA because dem pokegirls.


@milhouse Bet accepted!