ORAS - Tidal Storm + Gaia Volcano

Look it here!

That is one of the most delicious cards I have ever seen.

Love Sceptile.

Just don’t approve of his “dragon” mega. :unamused:

It even has a star in the center… LOL

@pokemontrader pls my thread was doing so well :<

More on topic. Lawdy jesus

@milhouse which thread? D:

The big XY5 thread that is on page 2 now I think.
It doesn’t really matter though.

Can’t wait to see pics that aren’t blurry.

Oh sorry
I looked last night and didn’t see it :slightly_frowning_face:

Don’t be sorry, doesn’t matter where we discuss it. We can get excited in any thread :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’m hoping they do art of this style for all three starters in the first set.
My assumption is Sceptile will be in some sort of deck.

I am thinking a similar situation to how we had the XY starters. Sceptile/Swampert in Tidal/Gaia, and then a Flashfire style set for Blaziken. It’s predictable and perhaps a little boring but I think they’ll do it.

They’ve already released the images for the starters right?

Tidal Storm and Gaia Volcano don’t feature grass though

I think they are regular cards and not EXs? (The released pics)

Sorry, I do not like this card

I’m being very very patient for the set lists so I can see if my beloved whiscash will get some spotlight… even just a little


@milhouse I know but perhaps they will put it in a deck? Who knows haha

I’ll wish for your Whiscash if you wish for my Gyarados. :stuck_out_tongue:

I bet there will be.a full art suicune!

Whiscash at least has more of a chance than the Baby Pokemon right now.


heres the Pokebeach article about it if anyones interested :blush: