Mega Hoenn Starter Cards Revealed

Per Pokebeach (paraphrased): Blaziken EX comes in Rayquaza Mega Battle packs, where you also get a voucher for M Blaziken EX, which can be redeemed at Rayquaza Mega Battle tournaments. If you do well in said tournament, you get M Swampert EX.
Thoughts? Hoping and praying for a dragon-type M-Sceptile EX…possibly XY7 or 8?

damn these look tacky


Those are some ugly ass cards.

In related news, the Gym Badges are an awesome little collection.


Sceptile is way underrated

@milhouse - Looks like those badges are going to be fun to collect…

All this means to me is that now we will more than likely not see a Full Art Swampert any time soon. The Hoenn starters have suffered the same fate as Absol, Flygon and many other potential juicy full arts. RIP.

:thinking:? yeah really fun… Damn!