New Mega's Revealed, New Chances for Future Cards!

So a friend of mine back at home clued me in on some news.

Featuring some new Pokemon Mega’s!

I already heard a rumor of all the starter Pokemon getting Mega forms, but this seems like actual proof of it. Personally, I think these select few are headed in the right direction. I quite like the Mega Swampert especially.

Surely we’ll see a new selection of cards with the upcoming remake, and chances are, we’ll see some new Mega’s in the mix!


Both Sceptile and Swampert are…fantastic. I honestly couldn’t be happier with their megas.

I will say, though. I’m a little miffed that Sceptile got a Dragon typing in his Mega form and Gyarados didn’t… But I’m biased and bitter like that.

Still love the looks though! Hope for more like that! Some of the original mega’s were a hit and a miss for me.

I really like the Swampert Mega evolution. I always felt like the water and plant final evolutions from the third gen were a bit of a let down. That Swampert hit the gym, hard!

I feel its hard to get used to all the megas. I love the old school pokemon and it feels like they just put them on alienstyle steroids. I would love for some simple pokemon to get a mega though.

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The mega’s are for the current generation of kids playing the game. I grew up during the original gen, but after playing X&Y, the mega’s grew on me.

They ultimately help the hobby if the current generation likes them.


I can’t agree with @smpratte more.
I grew up with first gen, yet I feel the megas have added so much value and fun to the entire franchise.
I never got why pokemon only could have a max of 3 pokemon per line (not counting pokemon like eevee or nincada, pokemon with 3 in a row), so this is like an added bonus.

I know I’ve been somewhat of a hater regarding the mega’s. But, even though we’ve known this for a while, I am looking forward to a Full Art Kyogre Mega and Groudon!

Though @aj1 those aren’t megas, they are primal. Like Primal Dialga from the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon series.

Oh well, guess I still haven’t found a mega I like. :wink: Anyhow, still looking forward to those cards.

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