Mega Pokemon

I was just talking to my friend about this topic yesterday and wanted to see what everyone thought. For anyone who has not seen the video preview for the new Mega Pokemon, Here is a link.

This photo/comic pretty much sums up my feelings on Mega Pokemon:

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Totally dislike it! They should have stopped after splitting up with Wizards Of The Coast. This is just getting more and more ridiculous … :slightly_frowning_face:

The funny thing is that for every complaint I’ve seen online, I’ve heard someone else in person talking about how much they like this.

So if it contributes to the longevity of the franchise, and in turn the continued value of my collection, I’m just going to let it go.

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Good point Charlie! I think that if it helps the longevity of the franchise, that is more important than my personal feelings.

Maybe Nintendo is hoping that older fans will come back for what they already like, and the new additions will bring in a new/younger audience.

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Maybe. I’m still a total advocate for a mini collection of original era-esque artworks Haha.


The question you have to ask yourself regarding this is, is the value of the trading cards connected to longevity of the franchise?

Because I think here we have two different types of customers beeing adressed. One would be the typical UPCCC member, collecting older cards such as Japanese promos and/or trophy cards. And the other would be someone that’s into the newer releases, obviously depending on franchise longevity. Now for our concern I don’t think this has any effect on the value of our collections. I could be wrong though. Anyone has an idea on what determines the value/market of our collections?
I hope you could get my point, sounds better understandable in German :blush:)

I believe 100% that the discontinuation of the Pokemon TCG would hurt the value of Pokemon cards across the board.

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Yeah, I agree with Charlie. If Pokemon announced they were done, the interest in Pokemon would decrease drastically. The video games would still be popular, just like any other video game classic, and the anime would still be watched and reran, just like any other popular cartoon (Dragon Ball Z is a good example). But the card game would slowly die. We’d lose any new players and collectors and the lower-key collectors would give it up.

If they stopped after WotC, do you seriously think that they’d still be Pokemon? 10+ years of the same ~250 Pokemon would get rather stale. And I feel like they’d loose interest fast.

As said above, this is going to attract new Players, albeit younger. However, when you’re done with collecting and need to sell, it just means that there will be more buyers that might have been attracted to Pokemon by these Megas

The most valuable thing Pokemon can do for any of us is keep running commercials that attract the young ones.

After all, it’s the parents that often buy the cards. And some of them buy some nice ones for themselves.

I think Megas are the best thing for the card game since the Lv. X era. Bringing back the “ex” card as “EX” makes it really confusing when asking about ex cards, and newer players who joined when EX cards were made don’t even know about the original ex cards, which is depressing and annoying at the same time. The new shiny cards suck imo because they picked bad Pokemon. But for some reason, I don’t find too much fault with Mega Pokemon. Although they had some weird choices, like MegaMawile, I liked that they picked older generation Pokemon to use. Also, I believe they will make the TCG element of Mega Pokemon like Lv. X cards where you have to place it on the normal Pokemon, which adds better dynamic to the format imo (better than big basic EX type stuff).

Dont be dissing mawile boy!

Not to be difficult but WOTC would have no say in this. :wink: The card game is secondary to the video games and even if WOTC were still around, they’d only be translating what Media Factory creates – which would most likely be Mega Evolution cards to promote a new aspect of the video games that the TCG is help promoting – just like TPCi does now.

I’m just saying I can’t find anything positive about the latest developments maybe except for what bluey has posted (we’ll see). The illustrations look ridiculous, there is no (good) story behind it anymore and the TCG has no charm. If you guys are biased because you think this is exactly what Pokemon should be like then that’s okay. It’s just my opinion and I don’t force anyone to agree with me!

Wait, what do you mean that there’s no story behind it anymore? We don’t even know the story for XY yet…

Here is the new video for the original starter mega pokemon forms. I thought it would be an interesting topic to discuss, especially Venusaur’s new flower hat!

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