12/14/13 Mega Pokemon Cards

These cards definitely deserve discussion. How do you guys feel about the comic book style text in the illustration? I initially was like B-| But not I am more like :neutral_face:

Maybe they will grow on me overtime. What do you guys think?

I don’t like the text on the image and why the text on english cards are japanese and viceversa?

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I don’t mind it when they do something unique. At least these cards have something special about them.

I actually really like the set. Even more so after finishing the games. The illustrations are really nice. Maybe down the road the Blastoise/Venusaur will grow on me.

I am looking forward to mega Charizards release (says every collector).

It’s really cool because taking Japanese, I can read what they say :stuck_out_tongue:
Whereas the average person needs too look at the Japanese cards… LOL!

I’m mostly into the WotC era Pokemon cards/items, but I must say, that artwork is really cool! I’m definitely a fan!

I’m waiting for that set…
I feel that although collectors and players alike are going to go bonkers for Mega Charizard, it’ll still be an expensive card.

I don’t understand why they didn’t make Full Art Megas.

I find the text in the card art is really cool! Looks badass…BUT I find the rest of the card looks very busy (borders and such), it looks better on the Blastoise than the Venusaur (which just looks whack). Maybe I’m old fashioned haha

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wild blaze pack it’s simply awesome! I love it :open_mouth:

These actually look pretty good, I think it has to do with the fact that they look like Pre-release promos than anything else, but then again, they aren’t… lol, I have mixed feelings about these.

I love seeing onomatopoeia on the illustrations! I’m biased, though, since I co-wrote a book about Japanese sound-effect words. :grin:

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