New set, Mega Heracross and Lucario, first opinions

I was wondering what you guys think of the upcoming set Furious Fists?

I feel the whole Mega-thing has been overdone. They should have started with only a few pokemon. And don’t be as blasphemous to try and “improve” on a classic like charizard. And why X and Z? Are we going to get two mega’s for every pokemon that has a mega?

Sure make Heracross into another beatle, seems reasonable… But then make it one of two Mega’s for a tcg expansion?

Plus, sorry but I need to get this of my chest. The art is just ugly. 3d and nothing really special. Just boring. Where are the amazing breathtaking full arts which are available one in every ten boxes? A charizard full art was top of the list for a lot of collectors, but it turned out to be something unworthy of a second look. Ex’es and FA’s are to easily obtainable and make buying boxes not worth the while and don’t create the feeling of a real gamble.

So, what do you guys think?

Was this a typo?

Out of a hundred or so boxes that I personally opened I have always pulled 0-1 SR per box with a consistent ratio of 1 SR per 2 boxes. Of course, that is not including the novelty set Shiny Collection.

@soulwind I believe it was. I’ll message Claire to see.

EDIT: She’s on a postage run. She’ll be back soon!

My opinion is from the standpoint of someone just getting back into the TCG about a month or so ago:

I think that the next set will not be as appealing as this Flashfire set. Obviously because FlashFire is built all around the classic Charizard. These Flashfire packs were the first new packs I have opened since 2003, thanks to Charizard and Kangaskhan being main cards in the series, it was perfect timing for a WOTC guy like me.

But how could the whole mega thing have been overdone already? Isn’t that what X&Y is all about, the mega pokemon? I don’t remember people saying the shining pokemon were overdone back when the Neo sets came out (then again I was only like 12 and that was forever ago). So I am kinda lost with that statement.

I am sure the set will still be generally accepted well, especially with all the youtubers who buy them just to make a video opening them lol. But obviously not liking the Full Art cards is just preference. I think they are pretty cool to be honest, better than this Blastoise EX card some 11 year old pulled and messaged me saying “so much nostalgia pulling this card” … I had never seen the card before in my life, had a silver border maybe from Ruby-Sapphire, but he considered it an “original” EX card. I have to say (imo) the original EX cards have nothing on the FullArt EX cards.

I think my opinions originate from the notion that older was better, where holo’s mattered.

But regarding specifically the Charizard FA, shouldn’t it have been one of the most bad ass FA’s? It clearly isn’t.
Not having the time to create art? Well maybe they should just take more time instead of creating new pokemon with spikes everywhere. Look at mega aerodactyl, looks likes a bearded punk rocker?!

Ok, I might be overexaggerating a bit. I meant that these ultra rares aren’t really special enough. Look at the prices on Ebay. Especially for the EX non-FA’s such a mega blastoise and blastoise ex.

I don’t think I’m wrong about my statements. I just have another opinion than yours. Maybe I’m another type of collector(or by your standards not even a collector) and don’t represent the collectors out there.

Still think the art of the new cards are lacking, focussing on the EX’es, new pokemon and Mega’s that is. Just doesn’t float my boat.

I feel that the way the Mega’s are introduced to the TCG is just lacking in effort. 3d to me, is close to the clay-cards. But well, maybe I’m just too old of a fart to make a point :wink:

Oh wait, so your saying they do not create the art themselves? They just use a 3-d machine or something?

I think most of the TCG artists have very little involvement when it comes to actually DESIGNING the Pokemon characters, so holding that criticism on them just seems off IMO.

Which is a bummer. But yet they have been known to make beautiful cards of ugly and ridiculous Pokemon. I just want to see new pokemon with better art. Now it’s harder to get used to them. 3d looks cheap.

I agree with AJ that I’m not a fan of the 3D art in almost all cases. I think it looks cheap and overall doesn’t appeal to me artistically as much. But to each his own really.

I tend to like older cards so maybe my opinion of the newer isn’t valid, but I think there is too much “clutter” in the TCG’s sets. All these cards have reverse holo versions. If you want to collect the whole set do you collect all those too? If so they should have numbered them differently so an entire set would have a unique card for the non reverses and the reverse. Then you have the whole EX and Mega stuff which to me adds a cheapness to Pokemon. I miss the old days where Charizard having 120 hp and being a holo was freaking amazing. I don’t think a card need an EX or a Mega written on it to be desirable. I understand times change and you need to add something to shake things up. But in a lot of ways it gets ridiculous and kind of turns into a case like Dragonball Z. One show a power level of over 9000 is insane and then just 20-30 episodes later people have power levels close to a million. It’s silly!
Don’t get me wrong some changes they added since the original era have been awesome. I loved the shining pokemon in neo and I think the FA concept is freaking brilliant and makes for some gorgeous cards. Of course most all of the FA’s I like are not 3D but rather beautiful work from an artist.
But in a lot of ways there is just too much complexity. Even the rarity is a headache. Now you have common, uncommon, rare, rare holo, UR, SR, RR (I’m probably missing something even!).
Come on give me a break! Now I can understand one more level above rare. Like a super rare (SR) or secret rare or something kind of like what they did with Shining Pokemon. But idk in my humble opinion (and I know many if not most will disagree) there is too much clutter to the TCG. We live in a culture where the latest is always considered the greatest. Some things were done so well the first time they should mostly be kept the same. I think the original rarity system in the TCG is an example.
Idk Just my 2 cents.

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Some 3D art is impressive and some I actually like, but I do prefer the hand drawn art work more often than not. Plus, in the case of the mega’s they have giant text over the main art that really takes away from the picture.

At the same time, though, there have been some exceptions. For some reason I really like the Venasaur 3D art.

I’m not so worried about the whole HP level and such though, as I don’t play the game. But then again, my collection is very specific so I don’t hold much authority on any of the other cards really.

Fully agree.

Some of the newer sets have amazing art, some of the old cards totally stink. But you can’t really appreciate the special cards because they’re not that special.

I see your point, but our system is much better than other CCG…

For instance…

Commons, Rares, Super Rares, Ultra Rares, Ultimate Rares, Secret Rares, Ultra Secret Rares, Secret Ultra Rares, Prismatic Secret Rares, Ghost Rares, Gold Ultra Rares…

Just to name a few.

and yes… those are all real. Even Ultra Secret and Secret Ultra.
I feel with the way our card hierarchy is, it allows certain collectors the opportunity to collect everything BUT secret, everything, everything but ultra rares in general etc. RR is only in Japanese sets, not English.

Oh man, Yugioh was a nightmare with that stuff when I used to collect. Often times the variation is so slight that you didn’t know if you had an Ultra rare or a Secret Ultra rare on your hand. It is an awful thing.

So excited for the pangoro promo :blush: :blush:

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Wow I didn’t realize YGO was like that. I never got into it. That’s absolutely silly imho to have that many types of rates. Oh well it is what it is.

I want 1st Edition English cards back. That’s the only rarity change I’d make if I could.