Pokemon TCG Generations/Mythical Pokemon Box Thread

We have something quite different this year with the TCG Generations set. The set is going to be something that will be more or less continually released through the year with the 11 different Mythical Pokemon Boxes we are getting released in English.

Since this will be a year long set that people may want to come back and talk about whenever the new Mythical Boxes get released I thought it’d be a good idea to keep a stickied thread throughout the year so all the information and discussion can be contained to 1 thread and not get lost off the front page. (In my opinion the new set threads are the best threads we have on the forum).

I will use this first post as a hub for any information that gets revealed/shared about this Generations set. Other Staff can also edit my post to add new information/box releases etc.


The fourth Mythical Pokemon Box, releasing this month (May) is the Darkrai Box.

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Was thinking about making a large purchase involving the M Gyarados Box + Gyarados Tin and the three nearest Generation boxes (Mew / Celebi / Charizard) in march, that would come out around $150 including shipping for 5 promo cards 6-7 XY boosters (don’t remember if the tin has 3 or 4) and 6 Generation boosters. This year is gonna run my spare money dry. (puke)

I am personally grateful any time English cards see a unique form of distribution. Not to mention this way of doing it makes the set a lot more attainable overall for the limited budget.

Although I’ll admit I’d love to see a limited release where each month had a different mini set that was only available in that month’s boxes. But that might just be my thirst for scarcity in an overabundant production world. :wink:


I can’t wait to see what is in those Generations packs.

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Well, we have an idea. It will probably be very similar to any other modern set. But my hope is not yet quelled for just SOMETHING special. I’m not even that picky. Just give me something to get excited about and nostalgic with. Haha

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Perhaps this set?


Though I’m crossing my fingers for a nostalgic set too.

I’m thinking the Generations set will be a mix of a lot of different Japanese products. One thing I’m confused about is the possibility English will have a full release before Japan if they are the same cards.

Has this happened before?

so is it confirmed generations isn’t coming in a booster box?

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The promotional material suggests the Generations set will only be obtainable through the promotional boxes with pins and promo card.

This definitely makes the set a lot more expensive to buy for those collecting English =\

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Generations might be a mixture of the Champions & Pokeyun Collection.

The set is exclusive to the generations promotional boxes.

that’s a total bummer.

I find it exciting. We get plenty of straightforward, generic sets.

@funmonkey54 you say this set is exclusive within the Mythical boxes. Is that theoritical or factual? Might there actually be no booster box for this? Has a set ever been realesed inside the contents of a collection box before a booster box/set release? Is the assumption that Generations is Mythical Coll. exclusive because they were revealed first, or is it for certain?

It is being advertised by distributors to sellers as such.

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This is proving to be quite the headache for me personally as I collect Full Arts in English but regular EXs in Japanese. Trying to figure out which cards will be available where in each language is quite the struggle, but I suppose I just need to be more patient for the set lists to come out.

For instance, I’m kind of under the assumption that Pokekyun will be included in the English Generations set; let’s see if that ends up being the case.



I spoke to my local card shop today. I have a good relationship with the owner.

He said the only Generations related products on his upcoming products sheets are the Mythical Boxes.

So if you wanna be technical there is no confirmation that they will only be in these mythical boxes, but realistically all info points to only the mythical boxes


Correct. This is what it looks like for distributors to advertise the set as exclusive to the boxes.

Let’s think about it this way: If they were going to make the set available through some other means, how would they peddle the collection sets the way they want to? The exclusivity of the contained set is intended to be the draw to continuing to buy what is essentially the same exact collection product, save a single promo, month after month.

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I’m hoping that there are Full-Art Megas in this set. I plan on buying a minimum if 6 of each box from this Limited Edition Series.