The growth of 20th Anniversary Generations

I’ve been mulling over this quite recently, especially after creating the thread on the possible re-implementation of 1st edition boxes: the future (or any at all) growth of the 20th Anniversary Generations’ packs.

Although a reprint of the XY series, the fact it wasn’t booster-box orientated does lead to it not being as “unlimited” as, lets say, Evolutions - just for comparison, though I’m uncertain as to what the print-run was. And wouldn’t a reprint be dismissed due to the circumstances of it being based on the 20th anniversary of Pokemon? And of course the inclusion of pins.

I’m also curious on the first box released on February 22, 2016, which was the Mythical Mew. There isn’t a great deal of the Mythical Mew boxes online in comparison to Evolutions - or any other Mythical set for that matter, which lead me to ask the question: are they being hoarded? Have a lot of them been opened?

But what do you think?

Is it a lost cause? Can it grow? Or will it fall into the shadows?

Invest in vintage stuff, it will never fail (most of the times)


Hard to say, Pokemon Go brought in tons of unfaithful interest to the TCG before many bounced leaving behind a heafty supply of printed cards. To this day they are still trying to put XY Steam Seige into products all through Sun Moon and now with Sword Shield. I have a feeling XY sets in general will never be super rare because of this but we do live in the age of streaming so who knows whats in store.

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So there are less Mew boxes than the others of the 20th Anniversary set? By that logic? And of course it being the first released box.

XY, Flashfire, Furious Fists, Phantom Forces, Primal Clash, Roaring Skies, Ancient Origins, BREAKthrough, BREAKpoint, Generations, Fates Collide

were all released before Pokemon Go was even popular.

Facts, I opened 18 of the mew boxes but only 1 or 2 of the other ones. I also vaguely remember most of the Pokémon community doing the same. I got an extra box of all the collection boxes to keep sealed just because they were all 20th anniversary items. I see the Generations collections boxes gaining some value just because they were anniversary product.

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ZERO growth. I would short the set if it was possible.

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Zero growth, despite the fact there’s a high chance there’s fewer Mew boxes than the rest of them? And the fact it comes with a promo and a badge of sorts?

Yes. The products are readily available, both sealed product and singles. Who cares if you get a pin?

Pokekyun was the Japanese booster box release. Generations was an amalgamation of Pokekyun and other cards.

Currently you can still buy generations pin boxes (including mew) at the same price during release ($20).

Pokekyun boxes were initially $50 at release and are now $300.

As with most modern English releases, they printed them into the ground. The answer for generations is Pokekyun.


Generations was a great mini set. However I think in 10 years it will be lost in the shadow of Hidden Fates.

That being said, the promos that were released with the aniversary logo in Europe I believe are overlooked.

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It was a great set and I do think sealed product will rise but not compared to anything WOTC if you enjoy it looking at it then keep some for sure but i personally would rather have 2x WOTC boosters than 4x generations collections boxes (similar price comparisons atm ) for investment purposes as one they are so much easier to put away for 5+ years and secondly they are a safer option as there is already a huge market for WOTC were we don’t know what the demand for generations will be in the future.

but What do i know!

Have to say though i’d definitely love a generations elite trainer box sealed as they are awesome looking!

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When I read something like this I wonder how people during 2004-2006 thought about sets released 4-6 years earlier.

The majority probably didnt think or talk how people talk now! They purely collected because they loved it not because it will be worth something in the future. The main difference between now and then is back then it was current vs past sets now its modern vs vintage ofcourse this is all my opinion

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that prediction gets an F in chat forsure

Someone is fishing for a ban.

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