XY Evolutions Speculation

Hey everyone,

I was wondering what people thought about the future of XY Evolutions as a long term investment. It seems the set was not super popular at the time of release? However, I was thinking in 10+ years original base set prices will maybe be out of range for alot of collectors/people just wanting to relive opening original set. Buying booster boxes is already out of the question for most haha.

This could be over simplifying it but could XY Evolutions have possible LONG term potential as it one day could be a vehicle for reliving/collecting a form of base set at a more affordable price point?
The set also has some decent cards that would be cool to pull in the future?

Just thinking out loud. All the best!
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Evolutions was extremely popular during launch. In fact distributors were without product for about a week. I had to take a cut on my order. Then the opposite happened, they printed more than people needed. Resulting in product still consistently available today.

Today the prices are the same as they were in 2016. Meanwhile, the japanese counterpart CP6 is now 5 times the price:


Overall Evolutions was a great set and an exciting time. It was a re-entry point for many collectors. Similar to Pokemon Go. People were genuinely excited to open the set.


All of this.

Super overprinted and ends up being the majority in most bulk lots. Pokemon ended up with so much of it that they are still sticking them in promo boxes and tins.

The cards inside will never be valuable since so much was printed but the price of a box could increase once that abundance of sealed product dries up and people just want to open it for fun.


This set will not increase in value, and inflation will dissolve it into nothing.

fun packs to open for the reasons you stated. “LONG term potential”? PSA 10: 5,000 pop. Not thinking demand will be there for that reliving, but been wrong before

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None of the cards have a psa pop report of 5000. Where did you get that? The regular holo charizard has a pop of 150 for 10.

The best stat for M Charizard FA: its psa 10 pop is 2,297, and it still sells.

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Thank you all for the thoughtful responses!!!

My original question about the future “value” (monetarily/collectibility/nostalgia effect) I think is definitely influenced or thinking about the current YouTube pack opening trend. Who knows if that popularity will continue long enough to have it extend to Evolutions one day.

I like thinking about how the context/perception of this set and others will change with time!

from its long term potential baby!

Dude Evo brought so many people back; stock was flying from the shelves, how come it wasnt popular?!


My misunderstanding. I didn’t know about the popularity at release. I think I assumed it wasn’t popular at release by confusing it with its current perception/unpopularity in continued inclusion in new product!
Thanks for correcting me and for the response!

I think what killed XY Evolutions after its initial popularity was how god awful of a set it was in terms of competitive viability in the TCG. There legit wasnt a single good card from the set.

Most overrated set in history. A 4th re-hash of the same set that pretty much added nothing, apart from cards that look worse than the originals.

I think your assumptions are correct, imo as long as collectors want base set they will also want evolutions. The issue is just evolutions is an absurdly over printed set (in english). The japanese version CP6 feels more like base set and wasn’t printed to the ground. It is impossible to say how well evolutions will do in the future. I purchased modest amounts in both japanese and english and I am interested in seeing how the prices behave over the years.

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You could say the same about Hidden Fates but non-tcg players love to open it.


Oh I agree 100%, but I think having the best of both worlds (collecting/competitive) is the secret sauce.

It’s entirely for collectors & enthusiasts. Which it 100% hit that mark. People were going out in droves to get evolutions, to the point where it sold out. No one rushed to the store for fates collide!

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Competitive cards don’t matter for sealed boxes after rotation unless it has something that will be reprinted like Plasma Freeze’s Secret Rare Ultra Ball.

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IMO if a set is competitively viable for standard and expanded it will help deplete the sealed stock faster thus having some influence on the price of older sealed product. How much influence exactly idk.

Imagine if Ultra Prism was competitively viable with more stalwart cards outside of cynthia. It would have to drive up the price more, unless that would of caused them to print more.

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Or trigger a reprint like Roaring Skies. Not sure how Ultra Prism didn’t get one but it had to be close.