9/20/2012 Shiny Charizard

I saw they made a third Shiny Charizard card. What are your thoughts on the card? Also, what are you thoughts on the Plasma Gale set in general? I think it has a lot of nice cards and may have to buy a box or two, but I still have to get used to the newer card designs.

I personally love the new cards. I find the new designs detailed and exciting and just all around great

I like the shiny Blastoise a bit more :blush: I still can’t get behind the new designs. I’m not knocking them but it seems too “busy” with all of the foil treatment for me. Just my personal taste I guess.

The word “busy” really sums up how I feel as well. I looked at a few of the other full art cards and they look great but that symbol that is in every card just tells me that I am not up to date. Also, they would look nicer without that symbol in my opinion.

As much as I like shining Charizard, I wish they would feature a few others. He has 3 now, some are still trying to make their first appearance. With that said, I am glad they gave blastoise a look!

My question is…

Shining Charizard was Pink
Charizard * was black
This SR Charizard is blackish blue

Why does Charizard’s colours keep changing?

Shining Charizard is not Pink?

well on the card shining charizard looks more like pink/light purplish mostly.as for the set itself i realy like a few of the cards and some of the trainers in the set are pretty good for decks in the comming format.i do like how the plasma cards have a blueish backround instead of regular ones

Here’s what I posted on the Gym:

"Oh wow. Just looked up images of the shiny Charizard and Blastoise, and I must say, I do not want those cards. For my shiny collection, those will most likely be the last cards I buy. The images on them are horrible. They are so simplistic, and Blastoise isn’t even a good looking shiny Pokemon - we need another golden shiny Pokemon (or a Shiny Venusaur - that would be good) :stuck_out_tongue: But seriously, I’m disappointed.

I must say though, that the Articuno, Lugia, and Coballion EX (and FA) cards look rather nice. I’m sick of Victini cards though. What’s so great about Victini?! "

haha I actually just pulled one from a box and the card looks nice in person. I like the texture that is on the full art cards/secret rare cards. Even though I am not completely comfortable with the new style the Full arts are a nice addition.

And Stuart it does look like Kingdra at a quick glance. It definitely has a bluish tint to it.

I really like the new card designs, and this one is no exception. :heart_eyes:

I’m a real fan of the Muskedeers so… my favourite card’s gotta be Cobalion EX :heart_eyes: I can’t wait until Virizion finally gets an EX card.