Mar 9 - Mar 15, 2014 - Shining Pokemon

**Shining Pokemon


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Shining Imakuni hands down :stuck_out_tongue:


Shining Mew hands down

Dat celebi tho

Shining mew is my favourite ,look at it says it all

My favourites are Shining Gyarados and Shining Charizard !

I particulary love the Ken Sugimori’s artwork of red Gyarados :blush:


They are most definitely a must have for everyone who collects WotC era cards.

I love how the embossed holo pattern looks like in person. Whenever I get the chance to buy one of them in Japanese or German 1st edition print I’ll take them. Which one is my favourite? Well, I think all of them are in some way unique but I would rank them something like this…


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Very good choice. Shining Imakuni is obviously the most superior so I’ll ignore it for now.

For the non-embossed, English Neo-Revelation Gyarados. The Japanese version, although pretty, is too sneezed with glitter for me to appreciate the artwork fully. From the weather, to the man in the rickety wooden boat, it’s the surroundings that make the card so special.

For embossed, I’d either go with Mewtwo or Steelix. Neither are Pokemon that I personally go for, but it just seems that more of an effort was made to use the foil in a way that complimented what the Pokemon were doing.

Is Fan Club Magikarp as breathtaking IRL as it is in pictures? If so, strong contender.

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Other than Shining Mew and maybe Raichu and Gyarados, I’m really not a fan of most of these to be completely honest. :x But then again I’m that weirdo who doesn’t really like shiny Pokemon in general. The harsh holo treatment on the Neo Destiny group doesn’t help either, IMO.

I wasnt a fan of the embossed foil until i saw it in person. IMO the charizard has the nicest embossed art, particularly the tail flame and the layering 8)

Besides Imakuni (which has the best artwork of em all), the gyarados is amazing. I remember as a kid i always wanted to pull a japanese one. It seemed so enigmatic with its low pull rate and intense art

Can someone give me a list of all the later UR shiny pokemon? like from megalo cannon etc

Pm’d it!

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oh mang, so many!