May 4 - May 10, 2014 - Shining Gyarados

Shining G****yarados **


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Best shining card from Neo-sets, absolutely stunning artwork. Feel little sorry for the fisherman though. :grin:


I wish I could have this card as a print. I’d want the holofoil on the print still.

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Probably my favorite Gyarados card ever in existence. After getting Base Set Gyarados, Misty’s Gyarados, and Giovanni’s Gyarados, I so badly wanted this card and was convinced I would never get it.

And then I did! Bought a few packs and in the last one was this glorious card!

I owe this card for my reason as to why I started collecting Gyarados cards. It has the most beautiful artwork of any Gyarados card in my opinion and has one of the best original arts of all the cards that I enjoy.

If there were any card that portrays the rarity of the Pokemon according to the Pokedex and captures the ferocity detailed in description of the Pokemon, I believe this card is the most accurate representation of them all.

This card provokes so many different things for me. Besides being my all time favorite card, it also makes me remember the time where Gyarados was my favorite Non-Legendary Pokemon. And when I learned that they had a story around a RED Gyarados in the Silver/Gold games, I was simply enthralled!

Favorite Pokemon. Favorite Card.

One day, I shall get the legendary version!

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I always wanted one as a kid when the set came out in japanese. It seemed impossible to get, but 10+ years later… :blush:

I really like the japanese version over the english, the glitter sneeze makes it look like mist from the waves!

Love how the illustration has detail without being jam packed, one of the better rarer set cards artwork

One of the top cards ever created!

I love how the artwork connects to the story behind the card and Sugimori’s illustration is once more out of this world…

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