May 18 - May 24, 2014 - Shining Tyranitar

**Shining Tyranitar


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Favourite error card that never got a correction…

wow never noticed that error LOL

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The greatest pokemon that has ever lived!! I “Hust” have this card!

Tyranitar in his classic “Come at me Bro!” Stance

Challenging the entire pokemon world to a pokemon battle. Through many tough
battles this Tyranitar became the strongest Tyranitar ever. He then decided climbed atop
Mt. Silver defeating any wild pokemon or trainer that was brave enough to face it. After a long arduous
trip alone to the top of Mt. Silver something happened to Tyranitar. Flashing lights back
and forth. Is Tyranitar evolving?.. Is this even possible?.. Is this real life?. Emerging
from the light Tyranitar appeared changed somehow. He was glowing, vibrantly shining brighter
than the white snowy peak that he was standing on. He let out a loud roar announcing his dominance
to the pokemon world and letting any would be challengers know where he could be found.

I am shining Tyranitar. (") o.O (") RAWR!!!


And thus, from his mighty roar, came a mighty earthquake…

And it was super effective…

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And the whole pokemon world fainted.

Must be one of the luckiest pulls I’ve ever heard of

I’ve already mentioned this in another forum, but this was my luckiest pack pull. I had gotten out of pokemon and was hanging out with a couple good friends at the mall. We bought packs for fun and I pulled this beauty out! Didn’t even realize how rare it was at the time since I was out of Pokemon collecting. Pretty sick card I must say, fantastic artwork. I would rank this as the third best ENGLISH Shining card. First Gyarados, second Magikarp, third this guy. I’m not counting gorgeous Shining Mew. But I digress, a great card to have in the collection!

Not one of my favorite Shinings but certainly a good one!

Back when I had my graded Shinings, finding this one in 1st ED PSA 10 was a nightmare. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah being honest I think Tyranitar is one of the less attractive neo shinings :confused: but to each his own.

I actually real like they everyone has differing opinions. Makes the collecting community more interesting. And if we all did like the same thing collecting would be a nightmare haha! It’s already gotten that way with certain very popular cards

you can say that again…

I thank the pokegods everyday that I’m not into gold stars… yet…

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Thats how I feel about the extensive BW UR’s right now… :stuck_out_tongue:

Lol please don’t tell me that! I still need that one!