Feb 9 - Feb 15, 2014 - Rocket's Tyranitar

Rocket’s Tyranitar



I have one sealed and another as part of my set, but to honest I have never been much of a fan. I love the idea of the card with tyranitar and its ‘owner’ within one picture but just find the artwork a little plain…

Though I have to say the sparkle is amazing on it.

I love this card and set. Mainly cause the whole set was only available in Japanese:) Plus they were extensions of the gym series which is cool;)

Why is there 2 Tyranitar in the set???

Do you prefer Karen’s to Rocket’s???


Have at it folks!

I have this card and the complete VS set. Whilst It’s not my favourite card in the VS set but I did pick it up cheap in mint condition. I only realised it was part of a half deck when they were selling for a decent amount on eBay. There are some stunning cards in this set, Karen’s umbreon for one, and some really poor artworks such as Jasmine’s. Magneton.

Here’s the card in its blister pack. I bought it at a movie theater when “Celebi A Timeless Encounter” was being shown. I don’t think it was ever sold in stores (but somebody please correct me if I’m wrong).

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I believe you are correct. I believe it was only available at the Movie Theaters.

I have it sealed in its deck. I wanted it to complete a master set of the VS deck.

I don’t currently have it, but wouldn’t mind it, I’d prefer rocket’s one

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I don’t believe the TMB version didn’t include the Tyranitar card, though.