Shining Gyarados + Shining Magikarp

Got these today.

Shining Gyarados (English Unlimited and 1st ed and also in Japanese)
Shining Magikarp English Unlimited and 1st ed nd also in Japanese)

Both Japanese versions are triple star (english is one star). The whole of the Japanese versions are holo. I know that’s correct but the Japanese versions are very glossy, is this correct, kinda feel fake? Can anyone verify this? I’ve took a close up pic of the Gyarados.


How much?

You will be hired as dogma’s Shining Card personal shopper!

(I’m being serious!!)

LOL :stuck_out_tongue:

I can’t remember how much they were, will check later and let you know.

Do you know anything about the glossy look/feel to the Japanese versions of these cards? They kinda look/feel fake but I as you can see by the close up pic the whole card is holo and different colors which I guess would be very hard to do if they were fake?

They were bought from a seller I’ve bought a lot from, so can’t see them being fake but best to make sure!

Theres definately real

Thanks! Guess I can enjoy them more now :blush:

Totally jelling!

Are you going to get the fan club shiny magikarp?

And I love the guy in the boat on the Gyarados card, what an unlucky night to be fishing.

I was just about to ask that! Fan club karp is a must.

Haha that’s life…one minute your fishing next your eaten alive by a red gyrados…happens to the best of us. Side note that’s my favorite art in the tcg

WOAH! I did not know about crazy fishing dude! That is awesome!

Must. Resist. Buying. This. Card. And. Becoming. Broke!

Says mr. 7k :wink:

Don’t hate! (but yeah you’re right. I’ve become very impulsive with regards to purchasing cards though and whilst I’ve been blessed with a decent career, I don’t want to take it all for granted :confused:)

Haha I’m not hating :blush: I’m actually quite envious of you and anyone who has real job. Being 19 and trying to make any deal is near impossible :stuck_out_tongue:

I second that TT^TT Though not 19 LOL

My friend has that Gyrados and I have always envied him xD

I was kidding but you knew that already :wink:

I couldn’t dream of a collection like yours Mike when I was 19. You’re doing well!!

For some reason I assumed we were all around the same age on here, I have no idea why though!

I’m 21 :open_mouth:

Hahaha thanks dogma :blush: It hasn’t been easy. That’s what I love about collecting, people of all different ages and from all over the globe can participate. Everyone has something to add…and I just like snooping through photos of other peoples collections.

Hate! (19 and 21 are worlds apart though - I changed a lot between those ages).

I’m so old now :sob:


OMG is that actually true? I knew you were the same age but…

dang i still need to get that japanese karp for my collection already have the gyarados.same age but 4 days apart really lol

I 100% agree. Maturity is a major factor. I deal with the public on a daily basis and on more than one occasion I have seen full grown men act like children.

Anyway, I really like the fan club magikarp, but It just looks too much like a normal card for me. I know the differences between the regular and club version, but at fist glance it doesn’t really scream “I’m a rare promo! buy me!”