The Great Gyarados Collection

Hi , I’m a pokemon enthusiast from the U.K. , ever since I sat down to watch the first episode of Pokemon it seems it has been part of my life , whether it be games , cards , stickers , toys or just watching it on tv .

After collecting all things Pokemon I decided there are just too many cool things for my wallet to handle so instead opted to only collect items with my all time favourite Pokemon on … Gyarados , not only is he badass he is also the first holo card I ever packed so naturally I instantly thought he was the dogs gonads .

Over the next few days I shall post the items I already have and will follow with any pokepost and updates as I attempt to build the biggest baddest collection of the big blue guy that there has ever been .

Any help , pointers or advice is appreciated

Thanks for reading !!!


Ayyyyy, fellow gyarados fan! Glad to see you makin yourself more known around here, amigo. Id love to see more posts of your collection! Dont be shy lol. Are you a fan of just the tcg or you just a gyarados merch lover in general?

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Ha ha thank you , wanted to try and find my feet first , I collect pretty much anything gyarados related , I love the quirky stuff that most probably wouldn’t consider either valuable or rare lol
Do you collect gyarados also ?

Yeah man, its become part of my niche collection recently, along with magikarp. I have more magikarp, mostly because theres alot more novelty and more merch, in general. But with gyarados, i try to go for alot of obscure stuff, as well. What about you?

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Yeh I thought about collecting magikarp but when I saw how many cards and more so how much merch there was I thought better of it ha ha
And I’m the same really I get as excited when I find a cool toy or 3D card from a pack of gum I haven’t seen as when I find a rare card I need for my collection , I also like trying to find out what the cards and merchandise actually came from like was it from food / drink / vending machine that kind of stuff ha ha also if you have any spares or doubles you want to get rid of I’d be more than happy to take a look :slightly_smiling_face:

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@shizzlemetimbers is also a big Gyarados fan. Here is his collection thread. I guess it all comes down to whomever adds the SNAP Photo Contest one to their collection first. I wish I had the Pikachu for my collection, but I’m afraid that if it ever pops up at all, it will be way above my budget (in the range of 10k+ USD). :slightly_frowning_face:

Anyway, welcome to the forum, and I’m looking forward to the pictures of your Gyarados collection. :blush:


Hi dude thanks for the welcome , yeh shizzlemetimbers collection is awesome he helped me out with a few things when I first joined the forum .

Ah yes the mythical snap gyarados , I hope to one day own it as I think for any collector that collects just one Pokemon getting the rarest card of that specific Pokemon should be there ultimate goal … obviously that is easier said than done since there were only 20 in existence and who knows how many now .

Once again thanks for greeting me , I’m looking forward to getting some pics up in the coming days :slightly_smiling_face:

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Keen to check out your collection! Also check out @azulryu and his collection thread he is another massive Gyarados collector

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Yeah, i can see if i have any spare cards or figures you might want. Post some pics of your collection! And im also after the snap gyarados, myself lol

Hello everyone , as promised here is part of my collection , iv decided to start with my Japanese collection which I believe (without going into the realms of unlimited and 1st ed copies ) is complete except for -
Rage of broken heavens full art
Rage of broken heavens Secret rare
And the infamous Snap gyarados

But first I thought it would be fitting for me to start my collection thread with the card that started it all off , the gyarados I pulled as a youngster after buying a booster with my pocket money .

Iv never actually played Pokemon only collected and always been very particular of the condition of my cards so he is still in pretty good nick , he was sat in my parents loft for years until I started collecting again .

So without further ado here is my japanese collection

My personal favourite of my ungraded cards is my No rarity gyarados which I have to thank @pokemonsyndicate for , it is in Near mint condition and would of probably achieved a PSA 9 if not for the slight Centering problem

Now for my PSA Collection

The PSA 9 battle boost is a pop 1 as is the PSA 10 stormfront

Now for the heavyweights

The Hiroshima Pokemon centre promo is in my opinion the best artwork of any of the gyarados cards out there and it looks sick in the light .

Hope you’ve enjoyed looking .
I will follow up with more if my collection in a few days .


Awesome collection, yep agree Hiroshima is all kinds of right


Nice work.
Gyarados is certainly a classic poke.

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Today’s Pokepost !
Gyarados Overload !


Hey, do you like collecting the figures too?

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Sure do mate , pretty much anything gyardos related if I’m being honest

Remember to get the two base set gyarados from the new evolutions set :wink:

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Iv got the holo , reverse holo and the pre release all on their way :slightly_smiling_face: just can’t believe how over priced the staff version is though .


You like the tomy figures? You got the old version, new version and shiny versions?

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I literally only just decided to venture into toys so what is in the pic is all I have at the minute

ahhh, okay. Just wondering. If you need any info in the toy merch department, i can help out

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