Steph's Magikarp Collection!

I said I’d get around to posting this, and here it finally is XD

last edit: 27/03/2020

AAAAAND huge image dump done XD


I thought I was crazy with doing every Saur 4x, you going page full with every single art work?

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And lest I forget!


Yes indeed :blush:


And crazy like me and Quaandor considering Base, Base 1st, Base Shadowless and Base 4th as 4 different prints? =P

Also; Get clear sleeves. The gray sleeves ruin the awesome black colour of the pro binder

Lovely collection so far! :grin: Anything you’re chasing?

Only chasing the dream of ever owning unikarp or snap photo contest karp XD


I do have base 1st edition, shadowless and unlimited XD and I get the 1st edition when existing in the english version.
I wish there were nice magikarp sleeves I could get for my collection ;3;

We all need more Magikarp in our lives.

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9 cards of unikarp coming soon?

So cool, magikarp is awesome. the karp fish is a very popular fish in Japan, and has a high significant meaning.
People pay alot of money for different coy’s.

If you need a unikarp, i am selling one soon.

I wish XD

I think the usual price they go for is quite a bit over my budget ;3; i’m a factory worker so my amount of disposable income is unfortunately very limited. For now unikarp will stay a dream for me.

I think your missing the no number topsun blue back, and some other ones. But this is one of the best magikarp collections I’ve seen ^^ great work.


Yeah I just have the regular blue and green backed. I try and pick up more and more whenever they’re up for sale so the collection is sure to grow :blush:

Yeah, seriously looks amazing, steph! Glad to see the underdog of Pokemon getting some love haha. Yeah, like japan-international said, you just need a no number topsun for that topsun page. Are you going for grey stamp or other known misprint variants, too? And have you gotten the Fan Club Karp, or are you waiting to get that one, like the Unikarp?

Magikarp deserves ALL the love :grin:
I don’t have the Fan Club Karp, unikarp and snap photo karp since they’re in a bit … higher… pricerange.
My stance on misprints is sort of like “I’ll get them if I come across them and they’re afordable” but I won’t go out of my way to aquire them. But yeah I basically just add whatever I come across when it’s at a decent price XD Without getting myself into crippling debt hence not getting the more expensive ones yet. I hope in the future though…
And ofcourse I hope the future holds many more new magikarp :grin: If it has magikarp, I want it!


Personally, the only reason I got 4th print on my check list, is when I bought 10 Bulbasaurs one of them was 4th print.

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Some new additions